Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Bullshit Ruined Tye Dillinger WWE Moments

Sometimes the bullshit and behind the scene politics ruin the enjoyment of performing. This what happens to Tye Dillinger who requested his release from WWE contract. The guy bounce back from a release only to return two years later wrestling in NXT brand. There he got re-made with Perfect 10 gimmick. Started off as a heel then became face with fans chanting "10" as he was having a time of his life. Then he finally got the call up to main roster and that where everything went wrong. They hated Perfect 10 gimmick and the fans chanting "10" so they have him lose and kept him off TV. After few years on the main roster working house shows but not being on TV reducing his desire and enjoyment from it. I can tell when I met him last year at Axxess and I gave him NXT figure to sign. He told that was good time for him and misses it. From tone of his voice I can tell he wasn't happy. He even asked return back to NXT but got denied. Tye got tired of being unhappy and asked for his release. Such a shame how a guy worked his way back only to have backstage bullshit killed any momentum and fun out of it. I don't blame him for wanting to leave.
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Monday, February 4, 2019

NFL Bombs With the Super Bowel While WWE Halftime Heat Delivers

Was that a dreck of a game or what? Pretty much NFL fixed the game to have two of big media market teams to play. The result was snooze inducing championship game. Los Angeles chokes another championship losing to Boston area team in another sport just like they did in baseball and basketball. I'm not sure anyone from both teams deserve a MVP of the game.

Who do I think the real MVP of this? WWE for the Halftime Heat match between NXT's Aleister Black, Velveteen Dream, and Ricochet vs Tommaso Ciampa, Johnny Gargano, and Adam Cole. They been advertising this match to take place during halftime show viewable through WWE Network, YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook. All six of these men tore the place down with one most amazing matches of the year. It's so damn good that I said forget watching rest of the game, rewind back and re-watch the match again. I spent next few hours watching wrestling on WWE Network not caring about the game.

WWE delivered a game winning pass while NFL drops a turd in the bowl.

Friday, January 25, 2019

2018 Traveling Texas Indy Wrestling Highlights - Part 1

2018 was wild year for me in Texas wrestling travels. I gone through the land of Anarchy in a world of Inspire driving down the Old and New Texas roads like a Branded Outlaw into the Metroplex all the way to the Heavy Metal dose of Reality with no act of Sabotage for Squared Circle action. Those travels to the shows are well worth with plenty of highlights to be seen and told. You have to be there.

I want to thank the wrestlers, referees, and the crew at Inspire Pro, Sabotage, Anarchy Championship Wrestling, Branded Outlaw Wrestling, MPX, Heavy Metal Wrestling, Reality of Wrestling, Old School Wrestling, Squared Circle Pro, New Texas Pro, Heel/Face Wrestling, and the weekend friends and fans I met along the way for the shows and fun moments.

This going be split up in multiple parts. Enjoy part 1!

Len-X and Davidson in a Ruthless Cage Match - Jordan Len-X and Ryan Davidson battled each other in Inspire Pro to hate fueled battles ending with no winner. Inspire Pro management put these two inside a steel cage to settle a winner. Both battered each other all over the cage that one side almost collapsed when Davidson rammed Len-X into the cage. Davidson introduce a chain to use only to backfire. Len-X wraps the chain around his knee and drops Davidson face onto his chain-wrapped knee for the win.
Matthew Palmer In-sensitivity Part I - things have not gone well between Matthew Palmer and Roxy Castillo since he won the right of her services. It's mainly due to his antics despite Castillo attempts to make him curb it. Palmer kept pushing those buttons that night as he revealed his limited edition t-shirt calling himself King of the Black Women. After taking a loss against J. Serious things got much worse as Massive came in and attacked him. It was over him disrespecting lucha libre history when he was the masked Void and ripping it off revealing himself from five years ago.
Inspire Pro Announces Return to AFS - The former Marchessa Hall was home for Inspire Pro from its debut til it was sold and renamed AFS Cinema. The management wouldn't allow wrestling leaving Inspire Pro hosting shows first at ball room at Norcross Mall for few shows then Austin Sports Center. Late 2017 AFS management let them run a show. It was a success that they decide let Inspire Pro run remaining 2018 shows at the building.

MJF Makes a Statement - Michael Jacob Friedman made his Inspire Pro debut taking on Kody Lane making him tap out in victory and kicking him in the groin afterwards. He made his presence known again attacking Andy Dalton with a kendo stick and joining The New Movement alongside Ashton Jacobs and T-Ray Watford.
ACH Guts Out Performance - 24 hours before facing Shane Strickland ACH checked in ER clinic. He checked out and made it to the show. Despite looking worse for wear and in pain, ACH pulled out gutsy performance in a victory over Strickland.

Sabotage War of Genders 2 - Sabotage put bragging rights on the line between men and women wrestlers with lineup of wrestlers (Thunder Rosa, Barbi Hayden, B-Boy, Joey Ryan, Human Tornado, Rocket Boy Wilson, Baby D, Phoebe, Andy Dalton, Angel Blue, Erica Torres, Hyan, Leva Bates, Sammy Guevara, Fuego del Sol, Heather Monroe, Kylie Rae, GPA, J. Serious, Rey Ortiz, Jordan Len-X, Double D, Ivory Robin, and Nikki Knight) within the various states. Pressure to win caused some to do whatever it takes to win for their genders from weapon shots, low blows, and holding on the ropes or grabbing the tights during a pin.
Creation of Fun N Sexy - with half of Sabotage tag champion, Skyler Slice, out of action, Phoebe spent the show searching for her replacement. After Baby D sent Human Tornado a crushing defeat Phoebe joined in the ring (and get suplexed on top of Human Tornado) picking Baby D as her new partner and holder of 1/2 of Sabotage tag team titles. Since then it was dancing and grooving fun with hula hoops all over the state afterwards.
Going be very sexy partnership
The Night Angel Blue and Andy Dalton Made Texas Wrestling Hell Froze - when Sabotage announced 8 person intergender tag fans were shocked the captains of the teams were Andy Dalton (men) and Angel Blue (women). So shocking that one fan yelled, "This shouldn't be happening at all!" at the show. Both teased fighting each other at the start but Angel decide let her tag partners handle it first. Then came the moment as every member of the team abandon the match leaving Angel and Andy in the ring together. Angel teased only to deceive with a low blow to Andy giving her advantage. Andy fought back hitting her with a running licked boot and a brainbuster. Angel low blows Andy again to the win the match for her team. It wasn't end up of it as Dallas Championship Wrestling booked singles match between the two. With call backs to the match at Sabotage Andy got his revenge beating Angel at DCW. It was awkward but like Vince McMahon said it is best for business.
Very Awkward
 The Art of Sabotage - GM Donovan Troi conniving and corrupt ways in the past shows including barring former Sabotage champion Delilah Doom from the show. Sabotage board of directors gave him one night to makes things right at the show or will be fired. Later in the night Fuego del Sol took on Sabotage champion Heather Monroe for the title and won. It was short-lived celebration as Queen Erica Torres came along with members of Latinos Taking Over attacked him and immediately demand a match for Sabotage title. GM Troi said if both parties agreed it will go on. Fuego del Sol agreed and both fought with Torres getting the victory to become new Sabotage champion. Troi went from sympathetic to cracking a maniacal laughter as it was a ruse. In case Monroe lost the title, Troi put use of his backup plan on getting it back with Erica Torres as champion under Latinos Taking Over faction....and it worked.
Champ for 15 minutes
Queen Erica Takes It
Joey Ryan Calls Mia Khalifa Out - Mia Khalifa drew the ire of wrestlers and fans blasting wrestling. Thunder Rosa and Sabotage invited her to the show. One of wrestlers she blasted, Joey Ryan, called her out to the ring after his match. After confirming she meant what she said he want her touch his dick which her bodyguard put him in fireman's carry. Ryan slipped out then stuck his trademark blow pop in Mia's mouth and dickflipped her bodyguard. Mia would take a training lesson with Thunder Rosa and Chris Marvel at Hybrid School of Wrestling realizing its not easy as it looks.
Battle of Gender Supremacy Main Event - the main event saw Thunder Rosa and Sammy Guevara in battle of genders as both sexes tied at 4-4 going into the match. Thunder Rosa kicked Guevara can all over the ring after being disrespect prick towards her. Guevara turned the tide toward his favor with both matching each other in the match. Thunder Rosa would hook anklelock on Guevara making him tap but the match must end in a pinball. The match would end on a time limit draw leaving the gender wars battle at 4-4-1. Soon this followed......

War of Genders Aftermath - after the match Latinos Taking Over came in the ring attacking Thunder Rosa with Queen Erica Torres giving her Sky High. Just as LTO approach Sammy Guevara on joining he attacked them only to get overwhelmed by the numbers game. Leva Bates, Baby D, Phoebe, and Jordan Len-X came in the ring to chase LTO out. Sabotage officials immediately fire Donovan Troi from his GM spot for continual abuse of power. His replacement was former WWE wrestler and manager Ricardo Rodriguez.

Mr. B Ends Johnny Axxle Career - For six years Mr. B and Johnny Axxle been on opposite sides of the corner, teamed together, won ACW tag team titles, split up, and fighting each other with no clear winner. The former Holes decide ACW is no longer big enough of them they decide to end this feud in I Quit Loser Must Retire match. Both brutalized each other fighting up the balcony and on stage then back in the ring as neither one would give up. Mr. B used the chairs to his advantage hitting Windy City Drop and Killswitch on Axxle right onto the chairs. Mr. B would about to behead Johnny Axxle after sticking his head on the seat and going up the top rope when Axxle said "I quit" ending the match and his career.
ACH Gives Marcus Rose a Beatdown - two years in the making. Back track to ACW Lone Star Classic 2015 as ACH had his final match before heading to ROH. After the show in comes Marcus Rose billing himself as "Better Than ACH."  Cue to Childish Days of Our Delusions 2016 as ACH made his return after a year in ROH roasting Rose. Rose went straight for few shows before reverting back to his asshole self. At Childish Days of Our Delusions 2017 he laid out the challenge to ACH in disrespectful way setting the stage toward showdown at Guilty by Association. Marcus Rose went for sneak attack before the bell, but ACH quickly turned the tide taking him to Beatdown City knocking the disrespect and arrogance out of him much to delight of the crowd. ACH finished Rose off leaving him with a busted lip. ACH and Rose went for post match handshake only for Rose to kick him in the balls continuing his dastardly ways.
Showtime and Architect Go At It - Scot Summers became second wrestler to be inducted in ACW Anarchy Elite. Not only he thanked the fans, but in a huge surprise wanted to fight Darin Childs who last wrestled his last match eleven months ago. Childs accepted as he and Summers brawled all over in and out The Mohawk in impromptu match. Childs would be victorious in a bloody fight.

Taylor Brothers Battle on Ladder of Superiority - Back at Evolution of the Revolution 2017 Zac turned on his brother DG after a loss. Since striking out solo Zac would win ACW U-30 championship at Childish Days of Our Illusions after pinning his brother DG with Taylor Driver in six-men elimination match. Now both brothers go at it one-on-one in a ladder match for ACW U-30 title. They channel all the past hidden resentments using ladders and chairs on each other. DG would drives knee onto Zac's chin off ladder and was within reach when Zac bash him from the chair. He would drop DG with fireman carry slam on to the chairs and it was enough time for him to climb and grab ACW U-30 title retaining it.
Steve-O Exorcise His Demons Against DeMarco - for months another Steve been in been on thorn of Steve O'Reno side as in Steve DeMarco. Like a large shadow looming over him he's been costing O'Reno matches superkicking, insulting, and tormenting him claiming to be the best Steve. DeMarco tries to get in O'Reno head before the match which he responded with a superkick of his own. DeMarco tried to put him down, but O'Reno fought back and pinned him conquering and exorcising his demons against him.

Jason Silver Takes ACW Big Prize - main event of ACW Guilty by Association was a double jeopardy match between ACW heavyweight champion J. Serious vs Sky de LaCrimosa and Jason Silver vs Gregory James at same time with winners of their match facing each other for the title. They went at each other all over the ring with the trio taking aim at J. Serious in unseating him as champion. Ricky Starks would interfere in behalf of J. Serious trying take out Sky, James, and Silver. He gets dropkicked out and trio took out J. Serious with Sky pinning him. Silver and James fought it out and often double team on Sky to soften him up. Silver pinned James leaving the former Lost Boys to battle for heavyweight title. Both battle in and outside the ring with use of a ladder and chairs. Silver plants Sky on the chair with a cutter and hitting 450 splash to win ACW heavyweight title.
Lost Boy don't cry. He became champion
Unholy War Against Silver - after the match Gregory James enter the celebrate with Jason Silver only to attack him. It started 11 months war between the two with James vowing be the only one to unseat Silver for ACW heavyweight title and take out any comers at all costs that gets in the way of the unholy prize.

Branded Birthday Show - while 95% of my birthdays were bad, this was the 5% that were good. Branded Outlaw Wrestling had a show on my birthday and I made the drive to Live Oak for it. I had fun time watching the in-ring actions and cheering/booing with the crowd along getting birthday wishes from Scotty Santiago, Ethan Price, and Mike Dell after the show. BOW champion Massive took on Brent McKenzie in the main and retain with help of The Horde. Birthdays are best spent watching live wrestling.
ACH and Kody Lane Takes ACW Tag Team Titles From 2 Bad Motherfuckers - for almost two years Masada and Killah Kash held ACW tag team titles taking on all-comers in vicious body beating and mutilating matches. ACH and Kody Lane, a wrestler ACH taken under his wing, were the next challengers. Both teams mat wrestled and stayed level til Masada and Kash overpowered them with the younger Lane getting most of the punishment from both veterans. ACH and Lane battle back with Lane using one of ACH signature moves, a ropeflip cutter, on Kash and pinned him ending the match. 2 Bad Motherfuckers tag team title reign was over and in comes Team Super Academia ruling ACW tag team scene.
The Immortal Takes Round One Against the Unholy - Jason Silver defends newly won ACW heavyweight title against Gregory James. James sneak attacked him just as he was coming to the ring and suffered a cut from it. They brawled in and out the ring using chairs and attempt to toss each other over the balcony. Former J. Serious got in the act heckling both of them from balcony as they fought in the ring. James was about put a stake into Silver til Silver's former partner and frienemy Sky de LaCrimosa speared him. Silver victory rolled James into a win retaining his title. The war wasn't over between these two. It was the beginning.

Princess Zombie Anarchy Redemption - last time Jimmy Jacobs was in ACW (2013) he was KO'd in his match against JT LaMotta and couldn't finish. After years away include working behind the scenes for WWE he made his return taking on ACW TV champion Ricky Starks. Both matched each other move for move to even kicking out of each other specialty moves. After trading each other with spears Starks would hit a tombstone on Jacobs to win the match. Despite the loss Jacobs proud to end the match on a good note instead leaving the ring knocked out.
Matthew Palmer In-Sensitivity Part II - Massive got a bone to pick with Matthew Palmer after he disrespected his culture. Palmer's manager Roxy Castillo assure Massive there be no trouble. Then Palmer comes out to La-Coo-Ca-Racha theme throwing tortillas to the crowd making Roxy pissed off and storming out of the ring. Gino attacked Palmer in the match joining forces with Massive over his disrespect.
Pinfall Wizard and Bad Bad Boy Goes to War - Steve O'Reno and Joey Janela went on 20 minute ring tearing war. They started out with technical mat wrestling (Steve's forte) going into hardcore wrestling (Joey's forte). Both of these men hitting moves and planting each other onto chairs. Joey took one too many risks landing on to a chair and Steve finished him off with blue thunder onto the chair for the victory. Both men shook hands after hard fought battle and the fans never forgot it. They voted this the best Inspire Pro match of 2018.

Part 2 coming soon

Thursday, January 24, 2019

Fall of Jack Jameson

Texas indy wrestling scene have become a hot bed. Wrestlers honing their craft for years making their name in the state are getting booked outside the state or even Japan to showcase their talent to getting tryouts and in that rare case got the call to the big time. Then there was one who could have been a name in the state, but made mistakes and is known in a negative light. That one wrestler is Jack Jameson. He went up to Canada training in Lance Storm wrestling school. He returned back to showcase his skills working in Oklahoma then in Houston before settling in Austin. While raw he showed charisma around the ring and kept working hard fans took notice and cheered for him. Out of the ring it was different story as he became a nuclear heat magnet. It relate to have way too many drinks and becoming different person. It didn't take long for him to get blackballed from various indy feds around the state especially Austin area. Then he made the one move that will hang over his head like a dark cloud: in a drunken haze he faked cancer to get with a girl. Story of the incident spread through the locker room that a prominent Texas wrestler confronted him about it. He denied it claiming he doesn't remember because he was drinking and out of it. He finally admitted to it a year later when another prominent Texas wrestler confronted him about it. The damage was done as friends became ex-friends and few refuse do business with him. At same time his drinking was getting uncontrollable. After multiple chances the last fed in the Austin area decide to no longer book him effectively getting blackballed from wrestling in the area. Instead of keeping quiet he decide to air out his grievance on social media in a now-deleted post. It didn't take long for the fed to get a wind of it. They replied posting a damning conversation they had between them that one of area bookers shared it calling him unbookable. He was booked for a few various shows outside the state, but the faking cancer story reared its ugly head that feds stop booking him. With his bookings dried up he hit rock bottom and went silent on his social media accounts for over six months. He recently pop back up announced he spent the six months of silence in alcohol rehab to sober himself up and planning on a comeback. At same time he admitted his past mistakes.

Jack Jameson is one of many cautionary tales in wrestling. He could have been a name in Texas in a positive way. Instead he kept making mistakes after mistakes and he buried himself deep in the wrong. It's his time to bounce back, but will he understand this his last chance? Last words he replied when a fed told him they're no longer booking him was "I understand" and he turned it around. There's no turning back for him.

Wednesday, January 2, 2019

RIP Mean Gene

WWE Photo 
 After rough 2018 in wrestling world it starts off on a bad note. One of guys I grew up watching on WWF Superstars, PPVs, Coliseum Videos shows then on to WCW, Mean Gene Okerlund, passed away at 76. He interviewed wrestlers in professional manner, gave out updates in the control center, and involved himself in silly skits. He gave me many highlights out of it such getting his tie cut off with Berserker's sword, getting cursed by Papa Shango and got black goo oozing out from the head, had Hacksaw Jim Duggan's 2X4 dropped on his foot so Duggan can get the card of him after he refused to trade it, ate sushi with Yokozuna, and had fans chant "Leave Her Alone!" at him when he tried to interview Madusa after she lost title vs career match against Akira Hokuto. He went to WWE Hall of Fame and most recently a host to WWE Storytime on WWE Network. Mean Gene was one of a kind and I will miss him. RIP Mean Gene. The interview approach gotten more professional in wrestling heaven.

Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Cup-ful of Present

I got my present earlier on Friday night at Odessa Jackalopes game. This made an appearance on its tour.
Look at this beauty! The most historic trophy in sports the NHL Stanley Cup
 I can't keep my hands off it. It's so lovely and amazing. I also met and chatted with this guy.
The man known as The Keeper of the Cup, Philip Pritchard.

Odessa Jackalopes clicked that night winning 4-1 over Shreveport Mudbugs with goals from Everett Wardle, Jared Christy, and Zach Heintz. Valeri and Candice (DJ Tanner from Full House) Bure kid Lev debut on the team.
I enjoyed my present with a good game and viewing of Stanley Cup. Ya'll have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Sunday, November 25, 2018

It's Goofy and Ugly

Few days ago Baseball Every Night having its inagural "Ugly Sweater" Ugly Baseball Card contest. How hard can it be? You can pick something from Fleer for its fuzzy off-centered photos (1982), the infamous yellow border (1991) or psychedelic induced vomit mess (1995). How about Donruss red borders (1990)? Or players on the wrong card and never got corrected? Or players photos of striking out on a swing? James Tomlin admit he doesn't like his 2004 Topps Traded card because of it when I had him sign it.

There was this one card I have in mind when I first saw it. I thought it was hilariously bad. Then I ended up getting it in a repack. Which card was it?
This 1993 Topp Stadium Club Oscar Azocar card. Everything screams over the top ridiculous in ugly fashion. Obviously it was a photo shoot and what were they thinking of this posed shot? Pretending to sleep holding a baseball bat? Oh yeah that somewhat goofy yet creepy smile. Does he gets turned to a monster when he gets awoken? I get they are trying capture he's dreaming about baseball aspect, but is he more like having a nightmare? By the time this card was released he was no longer MLB player as 1992 his last season. He spent remaining of career in the Mexican League til 2001.

While this set have decent posed shots but this was goofy ugly.