Monday, October 19, 2020

Loaded Hockey Box from Cardsone

I been sitting on this box since I got it in June. I ended up being too busy and barely got the time go into full detail til now. Middle of the year I was going through one of my boxes and found Dollar Tree packs from a company called Cardsone. I notice they have a website so I checked them out and, lo and behold, they are still around. They are selling packs Dollar Tree used to sell to boxes and lots from various sports to comic books and supplies. I decide to order from them including a loaded hockey card box. There was few problems as few of the items I ordered were out of stock. Even though I wasn't charged for out of stock items I wish they updated their site daily to not include them. On to the loaded hockey card box it contains 100 cards, 10 packs, and 10 cards from 1970-1979.

The packs I received in the box are 1990-91 Pro Set, 1990-91 Bowman, 1990-91 Upper Deck, 1991-92 Score, 1991-92 Pro Set Platinum, 1991-92 Pro Set french edition, 1992-93 Pro Set, 1993-94 Topps Premier, 2003-04 In the Game Toronto Star, and 2006-07 Victory. You can find most of my card pulls on A Pack to be Named Later with links to it. I counted the cards and I end up with total of 125 cards. Looks like I got extra loaded box. Some of the cards have dinged corners or scuffed up. For the 10 vintage cards I got the following:

1972-73 Topps: Serge Bernier and Bob Baun
1975-76 Topps: Tom Williams, Phil Russell, Ross Lonsberry, Gary Dornhoefer. Not bad on Williams who was part of 1960 US hockey team that won the last gold for US before Miracle on Ice.
1976-77 Topps: Bill Clement, Curt Ridley (X2). I got two of Ridley's card. A good pull as in Clement who was two-time All-Star. Known to hockey card collectors for the infamous horrible Capitals airbrush on 1975-76 card.
1978-79 Topps: Ron Sedlbauer

Things with those cards they are in excellent to near-mint condition which pretty good consider that era of cards. These are 115 modern day era cards I got from the box. Instead posting everything I going to post examples of what I received.

89-90 O-Pee-Chee: Tony Hrkac, Gary Suter, Peter Stastny, Brian Bellows, Aaron Broten, Bob Brooke. Box starts with cards from solid OPC set.
1990-91 Pro Set: Doug Bodger, Dave Taylor, Trevor Linden, Bob McCammon.
1990-91 O-Pee-Chee: Neal Broten
1990-91 Topps: Paul Reinhart. Same design as OPC but Topps had fewer cards than OPC.
1990-91 Upper Deck: Wayne Gretzky hologram sticker, Joe Murphy, Greg Adams, Mats Sundin. Gretzky hologram would have sold alot back in the day. It's Mats first year card who was chosen first overall in 1989 draft.
1990-91 Score: Jyrki Lumme. Troy Loney, Mats Sundin
1991-92 Classic : Marcel Cousineau. Only played 26 games in four seasons.
1991-92 O-Pee-Chee: Allen Pedersen, New York Rangers, Calgary Flames, David Reid
1991-92 Score: Brian Benning, Peter Bondra

1991-92 Pro Set: Bob Sweeney, Jeremy Roenick, Russ Courtnall, Brian Skrudland, Denis Savard, Vincent Damphousse, Theo Fleury (All-Star), Dave Gagner (All-Star). Ace Bailey Benefit Game, Sylvain Turgeon. 10 cards from this set. Gagner card was heavily dinged up on the corner and the card.

1991-92 Pro Set Platiunm: Craig Billington, James Belushi. According to Jim he's a Blackhawks fan

1991-92 Upper Deck: Markus Ketterer, Benoit Hogue, Ken Baumgartner. Ketterer had two season stint in North America playing AHL before returning back Sweden. Good shot Hogue's card as his jersey getting pulled on

1991-92 Pinnacle: Kevin Todd. French edition of the card.

1992-93 Classic Prospects: Dallas Drake, Todd Nelson, Terry Chitaroni
1992-93 Classic Draft Picks: Sergei Klimovich (X3), Denny Felsner. I got three of Klimovich cards in this box. Felsner trying emulate Bobby Orr
1992-93 O-Pee-Chee Premier: Toronto Maple Leafs
1992-93 Topps Stadium: Checklist
1992-93 Upper Deck: Darryl Sydor, Chris Lindberg, Kelly Buchberger, Joe Mullen, Patrick Roy, Neal Broten, Derian Hatcher, World Championship checklist, Joe Juneau (X2), Dean McAmmond, Tommy Sjodin. Dozen cards from this set including two of Joe Juneau. Roy can sure leap high.

1993-94 Classic Prospects: Jason Arnott, Alexandre Daigle, Chris Gratton, Jim Montgomery, Derek Plante (X2), John LeClair, Colin Chin, Jason Smith (X2), Tyler Wright, Yan Kaminsky, Ed Jovanovski, Brett Lindros, David Cooper, Cammi Granato, Erin Witten (X3), Manon Rheaume. This is equivalent of 1990-91 Bowman hockey in Fairfield hockey repack. Got 20 cards from this set counting the repeats. Manon card would fetch big money for a while. Cammi Granato cards would go up for a while after US woman hockey won the gold medal in 98 Winter Olympics. Classic would re-use Arnott photo for their Four-Sports set
1993-94 Classic Four-Sports: Grant Marshall. This set consist of prospects from baseball, football, basketball, and hockey. Marshall would go on having a 11 year career
1993-94 Parkhurst: Brent Fedyk
1993-94 Fleer Ultra: Stephane Richer, Patrik Carnback, Dean Evason (X5), Petr Klima, Darren Puppa. Yes I got five cards of Evason.I got a TTM on him back in 2014.

1993-94 Pinnacle: Greg Johnson

1993-94 Score: Pavol Demitra

1994-95 Classic Hockey: Andria Hunter (insert), Ryan Smyth (X2), Clayton Beddes, David Vyborny. Another repeat card as in Ryan Smyth
1994-95 Score: Gaetan Duchesne
1994-95 Parkhurst: Randy Wood
1994-95 Pinnacle: Cam Neely
1994-95 Topps Premier: Steve Konowalchuk, Sergei Nemchinov
1995-96 Collector's Edge: Jamie Allison. I never heard of this set before. First card I got off them and I bought lots of Fairfield hockey repacks when it was available

1995-96 Upper Deck Swedish Elite: Mattias Ohlund (X3), Ulf Sandstrom (X2), Peter Eriksson, Per-Erik Eklund. Now cards I really never seen before and first time getting my hands on it. Upper Deck goes to Europe with release of Swedish Elite League cards. I got repeats on Ohlund and Sandstrom. All three cards were set inserts. Ohlund had 13 year career in NHL. Sandstrom never made the trek across the pond. Eriksson played for 89-90 Oilers in his only NHL season. Eklund is a base card. His only trip to North America is 97-98 season playing in the AHL. One of opposing teams is sponsored by McDonalds.

1995-96 Upper Deck Be a Player: Petr Nedved. Another set I never seen before. Licensed by NHLPA but not the NHL. The logos are airbrushed off.

1996-97 Donruss: Todd Marchant

This was fun box go through but is it worth $20 price? As long you in it for fun and not attempt to flip for a profit. Outside the vintage cards most of the cards and packs going around the junk wax era. No a single card from 2000 and only two packs are from 2000. I got 24 repeats out of 125 cards sent to me. I wonder how they randomly stuck cards in their loaded box. Several things on Cardsone. Company isn't up to date on their stock which is frustrating when you make a purchase only get an e-mail do they not have it. There been complaints for the lack of service as they been hard to reach. There is their website now. They updated from the last time I visited and its a giant mess to navigate through. Pretty much order at your own risk.

Sunday, October 4, 2020

....And One Day They'll Stop Signing For Free Through Mail

Agent Mike Maguire posted a photo on Facebook few days ago. The photo was over four years of unopen fan mail and autograph requests from former MLB All-Star pitcher Dave Stieb who doing a private signing. Both went through the box and what they found was alarming.

Photo provided by Mike Maguire

About half of the mail contains 8 or more cards with some at 10-12 cards. In fact one request package contains 17 cards and 10 index cards wanting 2 or 3 inscriptions. The sender sent the request TWICE! About 15% wanted Stieb to chip for return postage. A dozen sent him same generic copied autograph request from the internet instead sending a handwritten note. Three letters contained player's name crossed out and replaced it with Dave Stieb. The amount that sent him a donation to sign? 1%. Dave Stieb said he stopped signing because he gets taken advantage. In his long out of print book he gave his stance on not signing when someone took out a loan under his name using index card he autographed. I don't blame him one bit. Sooner or later the player, whether current or former, will stop signing through mail for free altogether mainly at fault of the collectors. The collectors have gotten too greedy with their autograph requests bombarding with multiple cards and items to sign. The through mail autograph requests have became too much and taken up the player's time that some have gone to Past Pros or hire an agent to set up private signings to limit the amount of items to be signed. Or another case, the player chose the route of no longer signing at all. You know who stopped a signing not long ago after years of being "automatic" autograph return? Former Astros player Denny Walling. He was accommodating to fan's autograph request through mail. What made him stopped signing few months ago when someone sent him NINE cards to get signed. According to SCN he returned them unsigned and have stopped taking items. Way a go! Some collectors are ungrateful complaining about receiving only one back signed despite sending multiples to the player. I'll be glad to get at least one back signed. Some collectors are cheapskates complaining when a player put a price tag on signature per item even if its for donation or low as a $1. Collectors have set off a chain reaction thanks to sites like SCN. Users posting success rates of autographs through mail as well amount items sent and got back signed it. If they see collector got back over 4 or more items back signed other collectors will likely follow suit. Often the collector will re-pay the player's free generosity by putting the signed item on Ebay or being advertised to be sold on various Facebook autograph groups. I'll be not surprised if up to 70-80% of players, former or current, go through private signing route hooking themselves up with an agent instead giving away free autographs through mail in the future. At the end it will be greedy collectors fault on ruining autographs through the mail. It takes one autograph collector to ruin it for everyone.

Thursday, October 1, 2020

Late Grand Slam Arrival From Topps

When Topps offer this card from Topps Now series I knew I had to get it. I did, but waited for a month to arrive. It came in the mail few days ago and this what I received.

This card featured San Diego Padres hitting grand slams in four straight games, a first in MLB history. All of them were against Texas Rangers in a series as Fernando Tatis, Jr. first to tee'd of them in first game of the series. After Rangers perceived Tatis grand slam being disrespectful during a blowout made the Padres super motivated to hit grand slams in the remaining games of the series. At the end of the series Padres showed the Rangers on who's their Padre. I checked the print run of the card and its at 2133....and I owned one of them.

Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Retail LCS

I had my yearly checkup yesterday. Since the local card shop was nearby I stopped by to pick up a few supplies. While there I noticed a shelf rack of cards. The cards were retail packs, hanger, and blaster boxes of their year's baseball set from their flagship to Heritage and Archives as well few Panini football stuff. They were marked up by 20-30%. What was selling at places such as Target and Walmart for $3, $10, and $20 now at LCS for $5 (packs), $30 (hanger), and $35 (blaster). Feels like the shop owner went to retail stores and bought all the supplies to resale at mark up prices at his shop. Was dishearten by it and made me saw the future of the hobby. While the pandemic drove up interest it also caused greed for demand of it. Every visit to Target or Walmart the shelves still sat bare and empty while gaming cards are plenty. Not sure how's its going be with companies. They might printed up few extra thousands in upcoming year to keep up with demand. It's possible the next junk wax era is coming.

Saturday, August 15, 2020

IP Autograph Hall of Shame

One of things that excite certain fans at the stadium are in-person autograph before the game. The excitement of a player taking their time to sign item for a fan. I still remember my first one. Ellis Burks signed my card at Rangers/Rockies interleague game in 1997. He kept signing away that security have to fetch him because the game was starting. I will always remember that moment. Through the decades I manage a good hefty autograph collection mostly on cards. One day I decide to catalog all the autograph cards I got into a database. While doing so I look back at few and have chuckle some of the penmanship scribbles. This bring me to my small collection of IP autos hall of shame. What makes it in? It range from sloppy or lazy scribbles to that is my name at the time to being on wrongside of the law. All the autographs were obtained at minor league games I attended.

My first card on the list is:
"Jairo Garcia" was a hot prospect for A's in early to mid-2000s throwing up to 100 MPH. What is wrong with this auto? A year later turns out his name wasn't Jairo Garcia. It was Santiago Casilla and was three years older than listed. Put that under "not my real name" signature.
Known for infamous Topps' Puffer/Bong card to collectors Brandon Puffer was trying make his way back to the majors. He was playing for Texas Rangers organization when I got this signed. What makes this in my Hall of Shame? He got arrested in 2008 and spent five years in prison for burglary with intent of sexual assault of a minor. Good news prison changed him after his life altering mistake. Bad news he's on this list.
Jorge Padilla travel the long roads of the minors before getting his break in 2009 with Nationals for 29 games of his MLB career. What makes this Hall of Shame? The amount on loop-de-loop on this card when he signed it. I can make out the J but its a circular loops all the way. Searched and looking at his previous signatures he changed it up to a quick scribble.I don't think signing is his thing. There's one on Ebay where he put down "PAD" on a sticker auto.
This was first one I totally had a laugh when I got this signed by Neftali Feliz when he was with Frisco Roughriders. You can make out the N then its cram it all in a small space. I believe he changed his signature to be more spread out later down the years. If you got him signed in-person give yourself a pat on the back. He's one of players that's hard to get signed.
This my IP version of Vernand Morency famous "checkmark" or players who just put their initials on card product auto card. I got this scribble at Round Rock when he was with Nashville Sounds. Why its in my IP Hall of Shame? He just signed it S.C. I get a laugh out of it. Looking at some of images of his autograph cards it seems he doesn't like doing it. The initials signature is better than not getting anything signed.

Those were the few in my IP auto Hall of Shame. I don't sell, I just collect. If I got multiples I would give them away to a random kid/family at the ballpark. I get interactive feel with in-person autographs to chatting a few lines with the player/coach/manager help adding more memories of being in the ballpark. Sadly the thrill in-person autographs likely going to the way of the dodo. With covid-19 changing everything who knows if any player, manager, or coach will be signing autographs to a fans if they let them in the ballpark. Evan I gone through TTM and private signings route at this time it doesn't feel the same.

Monday, August 10, 2020

Topps Total

I did another thing. Purchased a pack of Topps Total from the site. It was wave 6 featuring cards 501-600. For $10 a pack there got to be something out of this. I remember the 900 card set from early 2000s that costs $1 a pack. It was expanded Big League set before Big League. On to the cards
The cards are glossy front and back with no stats on the back. Just short print form highlights from previous year.
I got Astros player for my collection. So far got in 6 games with ERA of 7.50 with a very shaky team bullpen. I'm still more afraid of pitching staff with Dusty Baker managing.
Remaining cards are: Randal Grichuk, D.J. LeMahieu, Colton Brewer, Tommy Kahnle, Taylor Clarke, Travis Demeritte, Duane Underwood Jr., Brandon Woodruff, and this red parallel card.
One parallel in every pack. The red border are numbered to 10. So far Wittgren doing well for Indians bullpen holding on to the leads.

This feels more like $1 common card in each pack.