Thursday, July 14, 2016

Match of the Week: Athena vs Su Yung (ACW Distrust, Dismay & Antisocial Behavior 2015)

Match of the Week: Athena vs Su Yung (ACW Distrust, Dismay & Antisocial Behavior 2015)
Pika-Su vs Charthena
Nintendo released PokemonGO app earlier this week and immediately became a big hit. So big that it got people socializing, talking, and in some cases, get shot or falling to their deaths while chasing Pokemon in public using their phone and not looking in their way.

What does this do with wrestling? How about match featuring Pokemon battle? Say what? What in creative minds would do such a thing? Creativity belongs to women wrestlers Athena and Su Yung.

Last year in Anarchy Championship Wrestling, Athena defeated Su Yung to win ACW Joshi title after spending half of 2014 chasing her. Their second battle happened at Queen of Queens when they faced other in semifinals with Athena coming on top and on her way to winning the tournament and retaining Joshi title. Two months later at this show, they faced each other in third and final match between the two. Billed as final showdown these two took creativity off the charts.

Match started with bad blood with slaps then submission holds and the original ref taking a beating as well. Both got outside the ring when anarchy happened as the locker room emptied out and brawled. After the brawl both came out under the ring dressed in Pokemon kigu with Su Yung dressed as Pikachu and Athena as Charmander. They battled to Pokemon theme and Su Yung using yellow streamers as thunderbolt on Athena. Another interference when Angel Blue appeared cutting off strand of Athena's hair. Jessica James makes the save attacking Angel Blue til one of Blue's henchmen VG Allin put stop to it. During this time both Athena and Su Yung went under the ring. Baby Dumplins came out and help Jessica James ward off attack from Angel Blue and VG Allin chasing them out to the back. Athena and Su Yung re-emerge this time as DC Comics women with Su Yung as Catwoman and Athena as Supergirl. Both went on having hard hitting straight wrestling match battling in and out of the ring. Su Yung had Athena in armbar/headscissors submission which she got out. Athena hook STF variation on Su Yung making her tap to win the final battle.

In Athena post match speech she talked how both came up with creative touch on this match. After thanking everyone she dropped a bombshell this is her last match thus vacating ACW joshi title. Reason? She signed development deal with NXT. Amazing way go out in a fed she called home for years.

This year at Wrestlemania weekend I end up running into Su Yung and talked about the match. I wish I mention about their Queen of Queens match because I enjoy that as well. I wish she appeared down here again.

There you have it. Two women wrestlers Athena and Su Yung use their creativity featuring Pokemon and DC Comics women making this match fun and memorable to this fan.

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