Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Match of the Week: Christian vs Chris Jericho (Wrestlemania 20)

Match of the Week: Christian vs Chris Jericho (Wrestlemania 20)
It started with $1 Canadian bet between best friends on who can nail one of hottest woman wrestler. Turns out to be a mistake when one started develop feelings for her thinking its more deep than friends. His best friend try snap him out of it saying she's not interested. His best friend is also saying she got an eye on someone which is him. This led to split between friends duking it out for her affections at Wrestlemania. The potential love interest wander down cheering on the one who is love sick for her. Got involved only get thrown to the corner. When the one smitten with love checked on her she inadvertently elbowed him into a rollup and loss to his former best friend. She consoled him only slap him few times and went to his "best friend" side with a kiss to remember. At the end the asshole get the girl while nice guys finish last. Love hurts.

[#wrestlemania XX] Christian vs. Chris Jericho by JerichoNetwork

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