Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Wrestling Match of the Week: Sheamus vs John Cena (WWE TLC 2009)

Wrestling Match of the Week: Sheamus vs John Cena (WWE TLC 2009)

TLC 2009 - John Cena vs. Sheamus - WWE Title... by hardy_girl222

Just like how Shemaus changed WWE landscape at Survivor Series he first did his damage in 2009.

He debut in ECW brand trading jabs with Shelton Benjamin for few months. Then popped up on RAW brand in October of that year and was one of survivors in the traditional Survivor Series match. He won battle royal to become no. 1 contender for WWE title held by John Cena. With the tables match signed for TLC the build up involved booting Cena in the face and putting Santino Marella and Mavericks owner Mark Cuban through the table.

These two brawled it out with couple teases of putting each other through the table. Just as he arrived on main roster he quickly and shockingly became WWE champion after sending Cena through the table.

Whether it was WWE immediate attempt to build new main eventers (which include Miz and former Drew McIntyre) the experiment lasted for few months before losing the belt at Elimination Chamber. Went on to face Triple H at Wrestlemania 26. Sheamus continue to be around main event scene adding three more WWE/World Heavyweight title reigns to his resume including his current run.

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