Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Wrestling Match of the Week: Lobo vs Justice Pain (Cage of Death I)

This Week Match of the Week: Lobo vs Justice Pain (Cage of Death I)

Combat Zone Wrestling hosting their annual top show of the fed Cage of Death this weekend. Matt Tremont, Masada, AR Fox, and Devon Moore battle each other in the main on their staple mammoth cage of death. Throughout the years the cage evolve with something different from previous encounters. Let's step back to 1999 to first ever Cage of Death as Lobo battled Justice Pain for IronMan title. Justice Pain looked different when he started out.
Ready to make CZW history

This first incarnation of the cage had two sides with chain-linked fence and two sides with steel bar wrapped in barbwire along with a scaffold that became synonymous to any cage of death match. This one is chain-linked and would evolved over the years. Trash cans, cactus, stop signs, a ladder (never got used), snow shovel, and fluorescent light boxes been used.

This match was shot by one camera with no commentary. That was one of pains for those who bought and traded indy wrestling tapes back in the late 90s.

Match itself was brawl using the weapons surrounding them. Lobo using the stop sign on Justice Pain. Justice Pain sending Lobo to the light boxes then the cactus. They did the usual ram your opponent to the cage. At one point JP would put trash can around Lobo and using singapore cane on it. Then would hang from scaffold and perform legdrop on it. Lobo does "Getting pumped" hulk up beating JP down and sending him to barbwire steel bars. He would climb top of the cage and drop the leg on him. They would battle on top of the scaffold with JP getting best out of Lobo with weapon shots. He superkicks Lobo off the scaffold and onto the table.
Don't Hug Cacti Lobo
First ever cage of death scaffold battle
Big Daddy Smooth, who accompanied JP to the ring, start having disagreement with him. After chair and weapon shots he tells BDS to get in the ring with gallon of water. Nick Gage makes appearance with battery recharger putting the clamps on the cage. Not shown on camera was BDS turning on JP and pouring the water on him. With cage charged with electric current BDS gorilla press a wet JP on to the cage electrocuting him (complete with screams) allowing Lobo to pin and win CZW IronMan title.
Justice Pain about get shocking result

While this match showed its age it was innovative at the time and became staple of CZW. Seventeen matches of it and about make it eighteen going into Saturday. Every year there something different about the structure and match itself. What kind of craziness with they add this year? Are you ready to enter the combat zone?

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