Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Match of the Week: Ric Flair vs Kerry Von Erich (WCCW Star Wars 82)

Match of the Week: Ric Flair vs Kerry Von Erich (WCCW Star Wars 82)
Wild days of Fritz Von Erich WCCW enter new level on Christmas day of 1982 at Reunion Arena in Dallas. The event Christmas Star Wars pitted NWA World Heavyweight champion Ric Flair and challenger Kerry Von Erich in a cage match. Stemming from results of 2-out-3 falls match from August Star Wars event special guest referee was chosen for this match in a fan vote which went to Michael Hayes of Fabulous Freebirds and a friend of Von Erichs. With him there are two refs in the match.

 The crowd was super hot mostly of screaming girls for the match hoping one of the state own beat Flair and take the belt. Both would grate each other on the cage with Flair doing the bleeding. Hayes getting involved trying be fair in the match would physically break holds up from both Flair and Kerry. Both wrestlers traded their trademark holds (Flair: figure four leglock; Kerry Von Erich: claw) on each other. Hayes getting upset with both wrestlers for "rule breaking." After a knock out and trying help out a friend, Kerry refused to win that way resulting big disagreement between him and Hayes. Hayes left the cage only get dumped out after Kerry inadvertently knocked into him. Terry Gordy, of Freebirds, slams the cage on Kerry Von Erich cementing their heel turn. KVE would fight back for several minutes before main referee called for the bell and awarded the match to Ric Flair who retained NWA World Heavyweight title.

While one chapter closed another open up as Von Erichs went to war with Fabulous Freebirds feuding for years. The feud help send WCCW to its glorious peak and made Von Erichs big as rock stars. Then tragedies happen and business changed, but that's another story.

Interesting note this match was used as Star Wars: The Force Awakens spoiler hoax all of it by diehard wrestling fans. You have Merry Christmas.

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Wrestling Match of the Week: Kojika/Matsunaga vs Ryuji Yamakawa/Shoji Nakamaki (BJW 2/1/97)

Match of the Week: Kojika/Matsunaga vs Ryuji Yamakawa/Shoji Nakamaki (BJW 2/1/97)
Darth Vader have to wrestle to pay the Stormtroopers and make repairs to the Death Star
I believe this is first ever light tube board match. Kojika went into the match dressed up as Darth Vader. May the force be with you.

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Wrestling Match of the Week: Lobo vs Justice Pain (Cage of Death I)

This Week Match of the Week: Lobo vs Justice Pain (Cage of Death I)

Combat Zone Wrestling hosting their annual top show of the fed Cage of Death this weekend. Matt Tremont, Masada, AR Fox, and Devon Moore battle each other in the main on their staple mammoth cage of death. Throughout the years the cage evolve with something different from previous encounters. Let's step back to 1999 to first ever Cage of Death as Lobo battled Justice Pain for IronMan title. Justice Pain looked different when he started out.
Ready to make CZW history

This first incarnation of the cage had two sides with chain-linked fence and two sides with steel bar wrapped in barbwire along with a scaffold that became synonymous to any cage of death match. This one is chain-linked and would evolved over the years. Trash cans, cactus, stop signs, a ladder (never got used), snow shovel, and fluorescent light boxes been used.

This match was shot by one camera with no commentary. That was one of pains for those who bought and traded indy wrestling tapes back in the late 90s.

Match itself was brawl using the weapons surrounding them. Lobo using the stop sign on Justice Pain. Justice Pain sending Lobo to the light boxes then the cactus. They did the usual ram your opponent to the cage. At one point JP would put trash can around Lobo and using singapore cane on it. Then would hang from scaffold and perform legdrop on it. Lobo does "Getting pumped" hulk up beating JP down and sending him to barbwire steel bars. He would climb top of the cage and drop the leg on him. They would battle on top of the scaffold with JP getting best out of Lobo with weapon shots. He superkicks Lobo off the scaffold and onto the table.
Don't Hug Cacti Lobo
First ever cage of death scaffold battle
Big Daddy Smooth, who accompanied JP to the ring, start having disagreement with him. After chair and weapon shots he tells BDS to get in the ring with gallon of water. Nick Gage makes appearance with battery recharger putting the clamps on the cage. Not shown on camera was BDS turning on JP and pouring the water on him. With cage charged with electric current BDS gorilla press a wet JP on to the cage electrocuting him (complete with screams) allowing Lobo to pin and win CZW IronMan title.
Justice Pain about get shocking result

While this match showed its age it was innovative at the time and became staple of CZW. Seventeen matches of it and about make it eighteen going into Saturday. Every year there something different about the structure and match itself. What kind of craziness with they add this year? Are you ready to enter the combat zone?

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Wrestling Match of the Week: Sheamus vs John Cena (WWE TLC 2009)

Wrestling Match of the Week: Sheamus vs John Cena (WWE TLC 2009)

TLC 2009 - John Cena vs. Sheamus - WWE Title... by hardy_girl222

Just like how Shemaus changed WWE landscape at Survivor Series he first did his damage in 2009.

He debut in ECW brand trading jabs with Shelton Benjamin for few months. Then popped up on RAW brand in October of that year and was one of survivors in the traditional Survivor Series match. He won battle royal to become no. 1 contender for WWE title held by John Cena. With the tables match signed for TLC the build up involved booting Cena in the face and putting Santino Marella and Mavericks owner Mark Cuban through the table.

These two brawled it out with couple teases of putting each other through the table. Just as he arrived on main roster he quickly and shockingly became WWE champion after sending Cena through the table.

Whether it was WWE immediate attempt to build new main eventers (which include Miz and former Drew McIntyre) the experiment lasted for few months before losing the belt at Elimination Chamber. Went on to face Triple H at Wrestlemania 26. Sheamus continue to be around main event scene adding three more WWE/World Heavyweight title reigns to his resume including his current run.