Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Wrestling Match of the Week: Ric Flair vs Ron Garvin (NWA Starrcade 87)

This week match of the week: Ric Flair vs Ron Garvin (1987 NWA Starrcade)
The match took place on November 26, 1987 on Thanksgiving day in Chicago. I remember watching this match on two tape VHS rental of Starrcade best matches up to 1987 when I was a kid. This was one of matches and surprised me Garvin was NWA World Heavyweight champion going into the event. My exposure on Ron Garvin was WWF days from renting tapes of Wrestlemania 5 and 1990 Royal Rumble. Later on being older and found reasoning behind this was Jim Crockett rather have Ric Flair chase the belt going into their big event. Garvin took the chance to be champion for two months going to event.

Despite fans knowing Garvin is the lame duck champion (with audible "Garvin sucks!" chant in early minutes of the match) there was Flair magic of making anyone credible. This time instead being champion he was a challenger going after fighting champion with "hands of stone" punch. Ron Garvin was doing knockout punches way before Big Show and Johnny B. Badd. Both battle each other with stiff shots of chops with Flair getting dirty (low blow) and using trademark figure-four leglock. Garvin fought back making Flair bleed and using figure-four on him. Both continue to fight back and forth til Flair hotshot him to steel post of the cage to take NWA World Heavyweight title for 5th time.

Notice this year Thanksgiving lands on date of this match? Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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