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5 Years of ATX Wrestling Viewing Moments - Part 1

December 12, 2011 was the date as I went to my first ever indy wrestling show in Austin, TX. Since then it became wild five years of going to shows in the area. I witness plenty of moments ranging from shocking, thrilling, and excitement. I compiled a long list of moments I witness throughout those five years I attended. This features moments from first show I attended (Dec 2011) to January 2014. It started with....

The First ATX Show I Attended - ACW Childish Days of Our Illusions became the first show I ever attended in Austin. I have no idea what to expect other than remembering Awesome Andy telling me he worked there years before I moved down here. I drove down after work to get there. The first show I witness 10 bell salute for Spiro, six women joshi ladder match, Christmas Deathmatch, Shawn Vexx destroying Donnie Davis with a chair, JT LaMotta gets beat up for his cockiness and show offs, and El Generico, who would become Sami Zayn in WWE, taking on Robert Evans in the main. It started the crazy five years going to shows around ATX wrestling scene photographing and making weekend friends.
Barry Breeze Loses Career But Victors at the End - after losing title vs hair vs career match Breeze dumped his manager Chris Trew and popped the question to his now wife.

Robert Evans vs Portia Perez: Love Turns to Hate - It was bad night for Evans and Perez at Guilty by Association 5 as they lost their matches and titles. After the show Evans confessed his love to Perez who responded with a superkick. It led to year long build to this match at GBA6. When Evans came out he wasn't in his cherry self. He was seething and loathing that I can feel the hate he has for Perez. Both tore down the house going all over the place in attempt to break each other. After near 30 minute battle Evans broke Perez down with a sharpshooter for the win.
Son of Anarchy and Ultraviolent Beast Takes It High Above From the Ring - the first time I witness Matthew Palmer wrestle as he goes after ACW hardcore champion Masada who have held the belt for over two years in a scaffold match. The match started on top the scaffold battling back down to the ring then back up the scaffold which Masada used his trademark skewers on Palmer then tossing him off. Palmer fought back tossing Masada off the scaffold right on the chairs. He removed his pants he wore in the match revealing his Centerfold gear before hitting Centerfold Splash for the win and taking ACW hardcore title. It was amazing introduction to me on Matthew Palmer who would become the longest reigning ACW hardcore champion and one of the best in the state.
Chingo Wins And Vacates the Belt - One of those "Did this really happen?" moments. Chingo del Santo defeated JC Bravo for U-30 title then vented his frustrations and immediately vacates the title he just won

Matthew Palmer and Rachel Summerlyn Flies Off the Balcony - When ACW returned to The Mohawk the venue made big upgrade adding new stairs and a balcony. Palmer and Summerlyn made use of the balcony during their match. Both fought up there with Palmer getting tossed over and back into the ring. Centerfold got back up climbing up the balcony and in Son of Anarchy way threw himself and Summerlyn back in the ring from there. The balcony would become a staple and playground through the years since.
Prom Date Match - the wrestling prom feature Matthew Palmer and his date Su Yung taking on Davey Vega and his date Athena (who wanted The Rock). They started out to a dance til Athena dress fell off and all four would have fun match with Palmer and Yung taking it. Palmer and Vega would go on to team few months later. Athena and Su Yung would collide big time years later.

Robert Evans Gets Creepy - months after big fight between each other, Robert Evans wants to make up with former partner Portia Perez so he can get with her sister much to chagrin of Perez.

Revolution in the Rain - a big storm hit during the day in Austin. Since the show is outdoors I have no idea its going to run. I decide find out showing up at The Mohawk after work and turns out the show is still on. Everyone on the show put on performance on the slick wet ring braving the elements. I knew it something special when I saw silhouette shining around Robert Evans on the squeegeed mat before his match against Jerry Lynn. First time ever I watched a show in the rain and not the last one.

Jordan Out; Angel In - At Evolution of Revolution saw Jojo Bravo and Jordan Jensen winning ACW tag team titles. After the show it was announced Jordan Jensen barred from ACW. Who Chris Trew replaced him with? It was former Joshi champion Angel Blue taking his spot. She and Jojo formed one of fun tag team combinations into next year. After rough start Chris Trew and The Business rise started at Beyond, Good, and Evil.

Rebel Gets in the Ring With A.C.H. - this out of the blue moment I'm glad to be part of. I was in fursuit when A.C.H. came out. He saw me and signal me to come in the ring with him. I got in the ring thanks to him where he set up a match with Matthew Palmer. I will never forget that.
Warriors vs Vampires Dog Collar Style - Former Children of Pain members collide as Darin Childs and Khris Wolfe took on Jason Silver and Sky de LaCrimosa in a dog collar match. They brutalized each other using the chains in various way to incapacitate their opponent. At one point Childs hung Silver from the balcony with it. Dream Warriors were victorious after hard fought bloody battle against The Lost Boys.

A.C.H. and Palmer II Goes to No Contest Again - second battle between hardcore champion Matthew Palmer and A.C.H. would turn into another wild in-ring affair matching each other in the match. The end came when A.CH. and Palmer went crashing on stack of chairs that was setup outside the ring. With both not able to answer match ruled a no contest. I would lead to the classic encounter at Guilty by Association.

Rachel Summerlyn Takes the Classic - Rachel Summerlyn wasn't in Lone Star Classic when it began as she just had a match with Jessica James and Joshi champion Barbi Hayden. Jerry Lynn moved on to semifinals, but suffer an injury in his match. Lynn gave his spot to Summerlyn who defeated A.C.H. to move on the finals taking on Evan Gelistico who won heavyweight title from Darin Childs in the semifinals. Both fought with use of the ladder on each other as symbolism of their climb. Gelistico attempt to make Summerlyn tap to St. Louis Stretch but she refused to quit battling back. She hooked Texas Cloverleaf on Evan making him tap but it was after he put referee Donnie Davis out with a mandible claw. Gelistico said the bell didn't ring goes back fighting against Rachel using Lynn's patented cradle piledriver on her then attempted another one on to a TV screen. Rachel battle out and gory bombed him onto the TV to win Lone Star Classic and ACW heavyweight title celebrating with Jerry Lynn.
Joshi Christmas Deathmatch - heavyweight champion Rachel Summerlyn defended the title against Jessica James, Athena, Angel Blue, Portia Perez, and Christina Von Eerie at same time in a Christmas deathmatch. Lots of plunder used in the match including cookies, rolls of wrapping paper, Chyna standup, and candy canes in the match. Through the mess littered with broken ornaments, tinsels, and thumbtacks Summerlyn manage to retains the belt.

Shawn Vexx Infamously Owns Tommy - 11 months of the making when fan Tommy brought a sign calling Vexx a bitch ass nigga at ACW show in San Antonio. Cue to GBA7 where he is TV champion defending it against Davey Vega when he came out with a sign "Tommy is a Bitch Ass Nigga" which Tommy got in his face much to amusement and laughs from the crowd.
Athena Triumphs Over Vexx and Vega (and Lovely Ending) - this love triangle started when Shawn Vexx made moves on Athena back in August show. TV champion Davey Vega defended her only to lose the belt to Vexx at Beyond Good and Evil. These two battle in a rematch not only for the belt, but also for Athena's honor. While these two beat each other up (and knocking out two refs) Athena, didn't like she was property to them, cashed in her title shot she won at Lone Star Classic during the match. She held her own taking no shit and kicking Vexx and Vega ass showing she's her own person. Despite Vega pleas Athena overcame giving Vexx the O-Face and Vega a breakdrop before hitting a senton of both men and pinning them both to win TV title. After the match Vega gave Athena his reason confessing his love to her. Athena responded planting Vega a kiss.

Matthew Palmer and ACH: Hardcore Mat Classic - third battle between the two after their last battles ended in no contests. With Palmer's hardcore title in the line both decide to have a straight up wrestling match. Both men evenly matched traded move-by-move on see who's the best as they delivered one of best matches in ACW. Palmer came out on top while fans spoke up and delivered "Best in Texas" chant to both of these wrestlers.
Killah Kash Bounces Out a Drunk Fan - before Jerry Lynn final speech a drunk woman attempted to get in the ring. Thankfully Killah Kash got her tossed out of the venue.

An Era Ends; New One Begins (and Crazy Aftermath That Followed) - the ending of the show that left me in shock for a week. I'm not kidding on it. The main event of Guilty by Association 7 feature final in ring performance in Texas of Jerry Lynn, on final leg of his retirement tour, taking on Scot Summers in a rematch of GBA2. After crazy battle Lynn won against Summers. What was expected of happy ending got turned into confusion and shock as Evan Gelistico, Gary Jay, and Amanda Fox attacked both Lynn and Summers then proceeds to fight off entire locker room. Gelistico calls out ACW Heavyweight champion Rachel Summerlyn for impromptu match and won the belt after a beatdown and giving her two tombstones. Submission Squad taking away the ending left everyone in shocked with Lynn, Summers, and Summerlyn in the ring together for final time. Then came the aftermath the next day with Summerlyn leaving along with commentator Justin Bissonette. It signaled end of that era in Anarchy and new one began that night in name of war.
Forefathers and Forewoman of Anarchy together for one final time
ATX Next Generation - as new era begin, newer wrestlers made its way in and some would become regulars. Ricky Starks lead the charge with Kyle Hawk. Then Steve O'Reno appeared along with Scotty Santiago, Dylan Dunbar, Donny Brookes, and Johnny Swole. They became vital around I-35 corridor scene within next few years.

Ace of Anarchy Takes Jimmy Jacobs to the Limit - In the main Ace of Anarchy Davey Vega took on Jimmy Jacobs who got jumped by JT LaMotta before the match. These two proceed tear the house with Vega showing Jacobs he's worthy opponent to him taking him to the limit before Jacobs put Vega away in victory in one of best matches in ACW.

Davey Vega Slow Turn to the Other Side - the first time I saw Davey Vega he has this charismatic charm that makes him very likeable. After being dubbed Ace of Anarchy he turned into a diva complaining about 3-counts, rope breaks, and rules. Then he gets frustrated in the ring that resort to cheap tactics especially low blows in his matches. Despite apologies, he kept doing it til he reunite with his fellow companions Evan Gelistico, Gary Jay, and Pierre Abernathy completing his turn to the other side.

Vexx Answers Evan's Insult - ACW heavyweight champion Evan Gelsitico disrespected the belt ever since he won it. He called Shawn Vexx out and wanting to give him the title. Vexx felt insulted and decide to fight him for it. It started the build to Guilty by Associaton 8.

Kevin Douglas Knows the Rules - Kevin Douglas made his ACW debut and brought three others (Maninal, Jamie Holley, and Seph Anunnaki) with him. He asked the confirm the rules of the match (which there is none) he sic his crew to beat up Thomas Shire. Gotta hand it to him to being well-prepare for a match.

Anarchy Breaking Point - It took 3 shows of the new era for the fans reach its breaking point. The one that broke straw was ACH taking on Jeff Gant much to crowd disapproval. Both would have a good match (I enjoyed it), but most of the crowd wasn't having any of it because they felt Gant isn't on ACH "level."  It got where ACH went off on a fan after the match. The tense moment deflated the show as things went heatless afterward. In interview ACH wanted the match to make Gant. It was one of those uneasy moments I witness in wrestling.

Hello Leva Bates - 2013 ACW Queen of Queens feature many first time appearances, but no one made huge impact than Leva Bates. While well known slogan here is Keep Austin Weird she kept up when she appeared in cosplay as Queen Padme Amidala in her first round and semifinals matches. She would appear around ATX wrestling scene from time to time with fanfare. Years later she would on big stage at NXT being known as Blue Pants.

Barbi Hayden and Athena Semfinals Battle - in semifinals ACW Queen of Queens TV champion Athena took on Barbi Hayden with the title on the line. After feeling out period both kicked it high gear in a physical battle matching each other. Barbi knocked Athena off the top and followed it up with DDT to win the match and ACW TV title as she goes on to the finals of Queen  of Queens.

Evan Gelistico Pays For Stealing a Kid's Drink - during his match with Ricky Starks he took a drink from a kid and drank it. Starks held Gelistico up for the kid to chop him.

Kyle Hawk Battles On - Kyle Hawk got called into duty and billed as his potential final wrestling match taking on Davey Vega. Vega gave a young Hawk a battle with Hawk soldering on and fought back with no quit. Vega hooked a submission chokehold making Hawk pass out to take the victory. After the match in tears Hawk gave a teary farewell before going on his tour of duty. In unexpected twist a fan started singing National Anthem which the crowd joined in honoring the men and women who fought for this country.
Queen Angel Blue - in the finals of Queen of Queens newly crowned TV champion Barbi Hayden faced off against Angel Blue in the finals. Just as Barbi go on her way to win the finals she met with interference from fellow Business member Jojo Bravo which she dispatched with DDT. Angel Blue took advantage hitting necktie pedigree on to the chairs to take the tournament along TV title.

Let the Bodies Hit the Boards - ACW hardcore champion Matthew Palmer defended the title against Shawn Vexx in a ring with nothing but ropes and ring boards. With no mats their bodies took punishment as the boards gives no support. These two battle in and out of the ring with Vexx belly to belly Palmer on to the chairs. Palmer went under ring the ring pushing and removing the boards to pull and crotch Vexx right in between. The chairs would factor again and Palmer removed bottom rope to use on Vexx. Vexx returns the favor targeting Palmer's back which been weaken. Palmer hits Vexx with snap mare driver on to the boards to retain hard fought hardcore title.

The Prodigy Tops ACH - one of top young wrestlers in Texas Barrett Brown enters the ring as The Prodigy for his quick learning around the ring with his speed and skills. He faced one of state best as in ACH who has wowed crowds for his charismatic high flying skilled charm. ACH used his arrogance and cockiness pushing Brown around the ring. Brown responded with flurry of strikes showing when comes to shove he will fight back. ACH made a mistake with Brown capitalizing on it to get the victory.

Scot Summers and Gary Jay Bloody Dog Collar Fight - with dog collars around their neck and chain separating them, both fought in a brutal bout using the chain to their advantage bloodying each other up. Summers hits rolling brainbusters with the last one on the chair to end the match.
Flash Mob - a flash mob happen when a band marched around the ringside then up the balcony.

Angel Blue Turns Crimson Red - Jack Jameson continues his war with The Business especially ACW TV champion Angel Blue whom he took on at Beyond Good and Evil. A pair of scissors came into play with Jameson using it on Angel Blue cutting her forehead up. Another interference from Chris Trew allowed very bloody Angel Blue to win, but hardly looks like one.

Paul London Returns and Win Tag Belts With Jack Jameson - Jack Jameson spent the year getting beat up by The Business even his former friend Ricky Romida defected to them. He tried to fight them all but the numbers been too much for him. Same thing with match as it was handicap match with Jojo Bravo, Angel Blue, and Chris Trew attacking Jameson despite putting up a fight. Then all of sudden music played and out came Paul London joining along side with Jameson turning to tag team match. London hits shooting star press on Jojo taking the tag ream belts along side with Jack Jameson
Jimmy Jacobs Gets KO'D - In JT LaMotta final ACW match (at the time) he took on his long-time nemesis Jimmy Jacobs for the rubber match between the two. Both went for belly-to-back suplex from top turnbuckle spot only for Jacobs to get knocked out when both landed the mat. Harsh reminder to fans that accidents can happen in the ring and the wrestlers risk their body to put on a show.
Welcome to World of Inspire - Inspire Pro, run by Maximilian Mehan and Justin Bissonette, made its debut in June of 2013. It was their third show, The Quick and the Dead, I attended featuring wrestlers of Mike Dell, Ray Rowe, Andy Dalton, The Great Depression as well first look of Cherry Ramons and Erik Shadows, few ACW regulars such as Jojo Bravo, Carson, Barrett Brown, JC Bravo (as Morbidus) and Jeff Gant (as Blasphemer) as well ex-ACW regular at the time such as Gregory James who reinvented himself the last time I saw him.

Dirty One Finishes Mind of Wrestling and Graduates - JT LaMotta wants one last go in his career and took on "Dirty" Andy Dalton. After a huge brawl between the two Dalton finished him off with a classic piledriver. They would form a partnership together in Inspire Pro which Dalton took heavyweight gold later on. LaMotta would get back in the ring a year later for a few times.
Robert Evans Returns to Austin - I got in the game late for Robert Evans. When I first saw him he was a charismatic simpleton dork who played his character to its fullest at over 1000%. By that time he was full time in the east coast with Chikara and ROH and like The Rock concede he's not going be back. Then this happen at Inspire Pro when Ricky Starks questioned Mike Dell. Just before Dell could speak a familiar music played. Journey - Anyway You Want It played and could it be? Is he back? Then BAM! he popped through the curtains and its Robert Evans. Just like The Rock return I went crazy in his return. In classic form during his match against Jojo Bravo he faked an injury to trick Bravo gaining advantage. Jojo Bravo would fight back and get the victory. The sight of Evans returning back in Austin wrestling in some form is one of my favorite wrestling return moments.

Submission Squad Unite As One Unit - despite being together as a group they been on opposite sides of the spectrum for years. Evan Gelistico and Ricky Starks faced each other in pick your partner tag team match. Evan chose his stable mate and friend Davey Vega completing his turn to the other side and standing side-by-side with him. Starks chose Submission Squad member Pierre Abernathy who was on the other end of the group. Pierre turned on Starks during the match as the group finally unite Submission Squad as one unit with one common cause: to destroy Anarchy in their war against them.

"Hi my name is J.C. Bravo and I'm an Addict" - PSA on "Just say no to drugs" wrestling style. J.C. Bravo party hard with his tag team partner Stan Summers. He got title shot for ACW heavyweight title against Evan Gelistico, but lost. He took his loss so hard he turned to drugs "shooting up" during matches and "snorting" on the apron causing him to lose matches. Stan Summers tried intervention,  but no avail cumulating to Toy Box deathmatch at From Innocence to Insanity where loser goes to rehab. Bravo lost and got sent to rehab. He returned clean and sober since despite rumors he prowled around while he was at rehab. It's dark way get the message drugs are bad, but its better than putting Jake Roberts on a poster with the words "Just Say No to Drugs."

Su Yung Takes the Joshi Title and Joins The Business - four women joshi match featuring champion Jessica James taking on Miss Dislexia, Barbi Hayden, and Su Yung. Miss Dislexia first to be eliminated follow by Jessica James thus making winner of the next fall a champion. Chris Trew came out telling Barbi to catch the paperweight only to be intercepted by Su Yung as she used on her to win the match and Joshi title. Thought to be a mistake only turn out to be a ruse with Yung joining The Business
Anarchy Brawl of 2013 - the "I get it!" moment. Evan Gelistico and Gary Jay running roughshod over Jessica James, Bolt Brady, and Ricky Starks in their war against anarchy. He took on ACW hardcore champion Matthew Palmer who tried to save ACW from clutches of Submission Squad. At the end of the match Gelistico tried to behead unconscious Palmer with a chair but Darin Childs put a stop to it running him out of the ring. Palmer awoke and thought Childs cost him not only the match, but heavyweight title as well. Both fought in the ring kickstarting a huge brawl which entire locker room emptied out. After the brawl stopped Palmer cried out he was trying to save the company and said fuck this before leaving the ring. Evan Gelistico plan to get saviors of ACW on opposite sides worked. It made it much better when I saw the DVD and Gelistico does commentary laughing at the puppet strings he pulled. I left the show with a huge smile on my face because sinister storytelling behind it.

"I Can't Do a Fucking Moonsault!" - for years Pierre Abernathy have said he's going do a moonsault going on to the top then climbs back down to splash his opponent. In his match against JC Bravo and pre-Steve O'Reno he goes up for moonsault attempt which Steve asked if he's going to do it. Pierre climbs back down and admittingly said he's can't do a moonsault. This match feature one of my favorite verbal exchanges between the wrestlers themselves AND the fans.

Ace of Anarchy Takes the Classic - Davey Vega and Shawn Vexx survive the field of 12 wrestlers to make it to the Lone Star Classic finals. Vega, while being top man in the company, trying destroy it along side with Evan Gelistico. Vexx coming back from serious illness trying to win it all as well climb up the ladder to the top. He also dealt with getting a beatdown and his ribs injured from Submission Squad a hour before the match. The match started and Vega immediately targeted Vexx's injured ribs and make him quit. Vexx fought back in the match despite the injury and music interruption. It was too much as Vega would put Vexx away to win the Lone Star Classic.

The Business Shaves Jack Jameson Beard Off - Jack Jameson known for his trademark beard. After successful victory along with JC Bravo and Stan Summers over The Business they attacked him after the match with Angel Blue shaving off his beard. ACW previews have them putting censor bar over the shaving.
Bring On the Cage - Evan Gelistico gave Shawn Vexx ultimatum that if he wants a shot at ACW heavyweight title he must put up his career. Vexx agreed to the stipulation and added his of fighting inside a steel cage setting the stage for first ever cage match in ACW history.

Mr. B Gets "I Am the Table!" Treatment - Mr. B and Johnny Axxle took on Lil' Tony and Chavez Tuco in a Christmas deathmatch. End of match came when Lil' Tony powerbombs Mr. B from the top to the table except the table didn't break at all.
Submission Squad United and Victorious - as Darin Childs confronted Matthew Palmer, Submission Squad took him out as well his spot in the main event. Jason Silver would replace Childs' spot joining Jessica James, Bolt Brady, and Ricky Starks who had troubles with the Squad the entire year. Submission Squad used every trick in the book to ahead of Team Anarchy. Team Anarchy fought back but united front of The Submission Squad was too much as they were victorious at the end.

Death Rowe Takes Out Hero - a battle of strong-style between Ray Rowe and Chris Hero at Inspire Pro. They started out on the mat for minutes before laying on each other with strikes and throw downs on the mat. Rowe tried to hit his patented full nelson knee strike but Hero counters it nailing him rolling elbow strike. A back and forth fight continue til Rowe countered Hero's swinging neckreaker into full nelson knee strike for the win in one of Inpsire Pro best matches.

One Man Become First Ever Inspire Pro Heavyweight Champion - Inspire Pro crown the first ever heavyweight champion on this show with three-way match between Mike Dell, Davey Vega, and Jordan Jensen. For Jensen he got stipulation if his partner Andy Dalton made appearance in the match he will be DQ'd and fired. With help of Ricky Starks dropping Andy Dalton body off at the ringside Jensen got DQ'd and carried out of the building not without dropping n-bomb at Starks resulting in sensitivity classes for his troubles. It left the match between Dell and Vega with Vega getting advantage out of Dell. Dell's in-ring veteranship proved valuable as he outlasted Vega and finished him off with flying elbow for the win and becoming first ever Inspire Pro heavyweight champion. He added another accomplishment in his career as one of the best in Texas indies.
The Centerfold Goes After One Man - Mike Dell celebration was short-lived when the masked Void attacked him after the match. He unmasks revealing to be Matthew Palmer. Franco D'Angelo and James Claxton got in the ring only for D'Angelo turn on Claxton. Palmer and D'Angelo unite as one unit as they go after Inspire Pro heavyweight title.

Matthew Palmer and Darin Childs Take It All Over the Mohawk Block - shades of Simpsons episode of Homer fighting Bart's Big Brother all over the city. Darin Childs wanted bring Son of Anarchy out of Matthew Palmer. The match started before show opened when Palmer jumped Childs just as he was cutting a promo brawling to other side of the building. On DVD both would fight at various places around The Mohawk. They would make another appearance during Miss Dislexia and Johnny Axxle match factoring in the finish while they continue their fight. They would make their final appearance inside the building as they battle at the intermission and right into the ring bringing in the plunder. Palmer would end it hitting centerfold splash from the ladder on to Childs who was laying on ladder.
Barbi Hayden Fights Off The Business and Takes TV Title - Barbi Hayden feuded with TV champion Angel Blue in 2013 ending in losses thanks to interferences of The Business. As usual The Business got involved in this match but backfired when Chris Trew inadvertently collided with Angel Blue. It allowed Barbi take advantage getting the win and TV title.

Ricky Starks Get Revenge Over Davey Vega - Ricky Starks started 2013 lowly and rise on up through the year. Davey Vega was the one kicking sand on his face with his low blows and telling Starks he has no heart. The fiery Starks fought back in the match with him finally getting his revenge and pinning Vega for the victory.

Athena Gives Vega the Boot - Davey Vega licking his wounds after getting beat Athena made her return after being out with an injury. He wanted her comfort she gave him the boot telling its over between them. It wasn't a good night for him.

Infamous One Takes the Title in First Ever ACW Cage Match - never before ACW have ever had a cage match til this match when Shawn Vexx puts his career on the line for a title shot against heavyweight champion Evan Gelistico. Both had grand entrance before locking up inside the cage. Gelistico tried to leave but can't. Vexx gets upper hand with him slamming Gelistico from top of the cage. Submission Squad tried to interfere but The Business stopped them. Vexx made Gelistico tap to save his career and win heavyweight title. It's still to this day the only cage match in ACW.

Part 2 coming up soon.....

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