Friday, November 4, 2016

Cubs Win and Made All-Star Game More Useless

In a thrilling game 7 Cubs fought off another postseason collapse with least likely Rajai Davis doing the damage for Indians in the late innings and scoring much needed two runs in extras to finally break 108 year World Series championship drought. I'm glad they won not because of the drought. I'm glad they made then-commissioner Bud Selig decision of having winning league of All-Star game get home-field advantage a very useless incentive. After 2002 All-Star tie embarrassment he made the call to use winner of All-Star game get home-field advantage incentive prop. Nothing but mixed results since final World Series game played at away. Cubs won the game on the road at the Indians ballpark in game 7 putting away home-advantage myth. Look into NHL and NBA this year the championship team won at their opponent arena. Home-field advantage doesn't matter anymore. It's open season whether home, away, or neutral sites. How to fix the All-Star game? Offer bunch of non-contract bonus money to play. See how many willing play hard for cash.