Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Ken Anderson Must Be Biggest Idiot in Wrestling

The title said all. Never have someone given a chance to be a main eventer only to piss it away in both WWE and TNA. He was loud, obnoxious, and clear on the mic. He can work around the ring. He was destined to be main eventer in the big time. But his story shows how bad he blew it.

When he debut in WWE he shined and just when things looking up he got hurt. These things happen. He recovered and given Money in the Bank win at Wrestlemania. Things really looking up but nope, got derailed by injury bug again resulting Edge beating him for Money in the Bank to get it away from him. Recovered and about receive main event push as being Vince McMahon illegitimate son. Then came one final mistake. He went public saying he never used steroids. What happen two weeks later? Got popped for failed drug test resulting in suspension and changing of WWE plans. That killed any trust of him being a main eventer relegating him to midcard status. He got sloppy on wrong person name Randy Orton effectively ending his disappointing WWE tenure. Went to land of misfits on TNA where they take anyone to put on TV and PPV whether old, drunk, drugged up, and willing take late paycheck. He was able main event on smaller scale company with TV and PPV show that try to act big but failing each time becoming champion twice. Yet cracks shown where he just shell of himself and more of loudmouth joke. Just things winding down he expected get another shot at main event. What happen? He showed up and wrestle when he is in no condition to against their longest tenure guy, Eric Young where it was reportedly terrible and cut from TV. At Young instance, TNA drug tested him (the same company that put Jeff Hardy out to wrestle in no condition) and he failed ending his TNA tenure. In silly parting shot Ken Anderson responded "Fuck TNA."

No Anderson fuck you. They gave you opportunity when no one wants touch you after your failed WWE effort putting the title on you twice. When given a chance you found a way to blow it. Whether its ill-timed injuries to opening your big mouth to your sloppiness. You somehow piss off the big players in the respected companies and you crossed another one of your last opportunity.

So many times in wrestling there wrestlers that got the rug pulled under them due to booking. Except for Ken Anderson he pulled the rug under him by himself when on verge of launching to the top. He end up stranded on the pad. He now coined the term "Ken Anderson'd" when it comes to wrestlers who blew their potential main event status.

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