Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Dusty Rhodes

Last week wrestling world lost a legend. The American Dream Dusty Rhodes passed away on June 11. He brought charisma to the ring and knowledge outside of the ring. His battles with Ric Flair and the Four Horsemen, Ole Anderson, and Harley Race headlined the Atlantic coast from Florida to Carolinas. What made him beloved to the fans being hard working common man fighting against the big wigs. He was original people's champ in that era. His gift of gab on the mic captivate fans fighting for them not for himself. Mastery on art of promos with ability dig into fan's soul bringing out the emotion. One of his biggest behind the scene creation was infamous War Games match, a double ring, 4-on4/5-on-5 cage match.

Like I mention his promos was pure art mixing words with genuine aspect full of emotions. We can mention the Hard Times promo, but my favorite one is from WCW 1994. After his son, Dustin, get turned on by Arn Anderson joining Bunkhouse Buck and Terry Funk as part of Colonel Rob Parker Stud Stable Dusy came to his side. In Dusty fashion he turned this tear jerking promo having Dustin partner with him. That to me is pure emotion.
This lead build up to War Games enlisting help of Nasty Boys resulting him becoming Nasty Dream for that night defeating Stud Stable. Great way blow off the feud.

Thank you Dusty Rhodes for the moments in and outside the ring. You will always be legend and people's champ.

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