Tuesday, May 12, 2015

WWE Too Hot For TV - The Best of Bizarre

Since I heard this is one most watched shows on WWE Network I decide check it out. The show last for almost 30 minutes and the host is Jerry Springer. The episode titled "The Best of Bizarre."  Opening feature clips of stripping, crotch chops, explosions, getting thrown through glass, and pulling things out of the ass.

On to the clips:

First clip: Vince McMahon "perform surgery" on Jim Ross rectum. This is fucking awul. It wasn't funny and totally stupid. Next time fan complain about PG direction I just show them this clip. PG isn't really bad after all after watching that. No wonder this was 2005 Wrestlecrap Gooker of the Year winner.

Second clip: Goldust. This is gold no pun intended. Features Goldust earlier days in the fed playing quasi-gay mind games on Scott Hall, mouth-to-mouth on Ahmed Johnson and promo which wouldn't cut it today's society, and clip of his interview with Vince. (Is that extra microphone in your pants or you just happy see me?) Then follows with his Artist Formerly Known as Goldust and Luna Vachon days dressing up in bondage gear, Marilyn Manson, and Sable as well packing pounds. Jumps to his electrocution which led his tourettes gimmick. Oh yeah glad they mention the time he teamed with Booker T which follow one funny moment after another. Thumbs up on that one.
Goldust feeling for hot machismo

If you let take a sip of your drink I let have a bite of my wiener
Third clip: Heidenreich poetry reading while dry hump rapes Michael Cole. I never read any SD taping spoilers and still do not. I remember watching this on Smackdown on UPN/CW whatever its called at the time going "WTF"  He kidnapped Michael Cole, dry humped him in a closet, and made him listen to his poetry. No wonder why Cole gone crazy turning heel 5-6 years down the road.
No wonder why Michael Cole went crazy in 2010-11. He suffered psychological trauma from this and kept it suppressed for years
Fourth clip: Val Venis and KaiEnTai Saga. This screams Attitude Era. Val Venis hits on Wally Yamaguchi "wife" and gets paid for it with KaiEnTai beatdown. Val responds back having porn film made with Yamaguchi's wife. Yamaguchi vows revenge threatening chop Val's dick off in stereotypical way. Yamaguchi almost did the deed only for Venis penis shrink due to cold chopping block and getting saved by John Wayne Bobbit. Yep welcome to attitude era.
Choppy Choppy!
Oh no! Don't do it!
John Wayne Bobbit looks embarrassed to be there
Fifth clip: Tammy Sytch and Elmo. Remember when she was most downloaded woman on AOL? The original diva in this segment where she has sex with someone in Elmo costume. On the opening they have clip of this with Springer voiceover about "strange furry fetishes."  This was bad.
Elmo wonder what he got himself in to
Sixth clip: Vince McMahon Kiss My Ass Club. I remember this was funny when William Regal kiss it. Should have known it quickly got old and stupid. Bunch of clips of various people kissing Vince ass such as Jim Ross and Mick Foley. At least they showed moments where it didn't go to plan such as Steve Austin whipping Vince's ass with a belt.
Dammit Regal! Now we have watch various abominations of it
Thank you Steve Austin for showing us how we feel on this
Mixed bag on this. Some deserved to be unseen while others are nice trip. Nice to see how evolved Goldust character became over the years. I say this is down in the middle.

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