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2014 Top 10 ACW Matches

Anarchy Championship Wrestling started 2014 with temporary end of a war along with something new, old, different, and shocking. There were good shows and matches across the year. There were plenty of matches that stood out even beyond the 10 and honorable mentions at The Mohawk. There be no matches from Fun, Fun, Fun Fest as I never attended the shows.

First the honorable mentions:
Masada vs Jason Silver vs Gregory James (Beyond Good and Evil)
Ricky Starks vs Davey Vega (Guilty by Association)
Jason Silver vs Gregory James (Evolution of Revolution)
Masada, Paul London, Jack Jameson vs Scot Summers, Franco D'Angelo, Carson (Absence of Law)
Ricky Starks vs Barrett Brown vs Gregory James vs Kyle Hawk (Delusions of Our Childish Days)
JoJo Bravo vs Barbi Hayden (Evolution of Revolution)
JoJo Bravo vs Ricky Starks vs Davey Vega (Distrust, Dismay, and Antisocial Behavior)
Barrett Brown vs Evan Gelistico (Distrust, Dismay, and Antisocial Behavior)
Thomas Shire vs Takaaki Watanabe (Peace, Love, and Anarchy)
Athena vs Solo Darling (Evolution of Revolution)

To the list:
I spin you right round baby right round like a record baby right round round round
10. Gary Jay vs Thomas Shire (Guilty by Association) - For a wrestler that trained by a Funk and a dojo Thomas Shire spent 2013 more of henchman/bodyguard to The Business than individual wrestler. He works hard but was just there. That changed that night when he took on Submission Squad's Gary Jay, accomplished wrestler who been around the nation with his group of bandits. A bounced check to The Business and missing Bolt Brady put Shire in this match. Match started out with basics before kicking it in high gear. Both fought hard with Shire over powering Jay at times that crowd got behind him. Each would attempt to finish each other off with their finisher only to kick out and fight back some more. A second Fly by Night scored Gary Jay the victory. Jay, being dastardly guy, gave Shire a handshake and a hug before kicking him in the groin in the post match. This match made Thomas Shire stood out on his own. The way he manhandle and overpower Gary Jay at times got the fans backing him. He went from looking goofy to mad serious in the ring. It took underrated and accomplished Gary Jay bring that side to the fans.
Who cares the show haven't started let do this right now!

9. Matthew Palmer vs Darin Childs (Guilty by Association) - thinking outside the box made this match. Remember Simpson episode where Homer and Bart's Big Brother fought each other throughout Springfield? This what happened as this started before the show brawling outside the Mohawk and into the streets. Then later appeared during Miss Dislexia and Johnny Axle match factoring in the finish of the match to battling all the way to the back. Then pop back up during intermission and fought to destruction and plunder all over the ring with Palmer taking the match. Now the question after the match did Childs succeed in his mission to bring Son of Anarchy out of Palmer? Not likely at this moment, but time will tell.
Look who won the rubber match and made you my bitch
8. Shawn Vexx vs Davey Vega (Absence of Law) - on and off feud between Vexx and Vega now stretch heavyweight title match. Vexx walks in the match as champion while Vega wanting put the belt back on Submission Squad side. A rubber match between the two as both has one win on each other. Vega showed his vicious streak from the start pounding on Vexx all over the ring. Vexx fought back valiantly as both battle back and forth. At the end Vexx got Vega pin to retain heavyweight title. Despite the loss Vega gets his revenge kicking him below after the match and stealing the belt which was never seen til seven months later.
Going out to a big bang
7. Masada vs Shawn Vexx (From Innocence to Insanity) - Shawn Vexx enter the event as heavyweight champion. His challenger is Masada, a hybrid-style wrestler that has traveled around the world piling his trade. The only time he held ACW title when he was hardcore champion for two years. These two went at it hard as they mat and power wrestle each other using surrounding chairs at their personal playground. Masada would stick his trademark skewers on Vexx and dropping him down the mat. Despite it all Vexx continue fight back like a champion he is using remaining strength and power left. Masada was too much for Vexx making submit to a crossface to win heavyweight title. New reign emerges with Masada leading the company. It was end for Vexx as he called it quits after the match. It was short-lived retirement as he returned back to the ring and recharged five months later to help Darin Childs out in his feud with Paul London and the Swarm.
Pfft! I need no motivation!
6. Masada vs Cherry Ramons vs A.C.H. (Lone Star Classic) - ACW heavyweight Masada competing in his first Lone Star Classic with long odds to retain the belt. No wrestler enter and left Lone Star Classic as champion. One of his opponents is 2011 LSC winner A.C.H. who happen to won heavyweight title at this same event. Third wrestler is Cherry Ramons in, not only first LCS, but second ACW appearance. Ramons went in the match as x-factor with a question can he hang with both wrestlers. Match started with both wrestlers not taking Ramons seriously even with A.C.H. giving him encouragement. Despite the mocking it took minutes for Ramons showed he can hang with both of them. The trio had impressive match with Ramons shockingly stole a pin on A.C.H. after Masada gave him Masada-mizer. Masada and Ramons battled all over the ring with Masada taking the win retaining heavyweight title and putting himself in semifinals. For Ramons this was coming out party and getting pin on A.C.H. got one-on-one match at Delusions of Our Childish Days.
The fall of a champion
5. Shawn Vexx vs Evan Gelistico (Guilty by Association) - Evan Gelistico spent a year as heavyweight champion disrespecting the belt the entire time only using it as his power play. Shawn Vexx, once a former heavyweight champion, has battled back from hell with a burning desire. When Gelistico wanted give him the belt Vexx found it disrespectful and would rather fight for it. Their first battle ended with Submission Squad interfering and Gelistico keeping the belt. Cue six months down the line at Lone Star Classic finals when Vexx had Davey Vega beat only to have the Squad interfere with Vega winning it. Tired of Submission Squad interfering Vexx put his career on the line to face Gelistico for heavyweight title in a cage match, a first in ACW history. Big time feel as both came out to epic entrances. Both of them brawled and used elements of the cage slamming and throwing each other on it. Gelistico trying to escape only get slammed of top of the cage. Gelistico realize to end Vexx career he must put him out with two tombstones. Only problem Vexx refuse to die and fought back with vengeance hitting Gelistico with his own tombstone. Just as Squad try interfere The Business stopped them before any of them got inside the cage. Once Vexx hooked Gelistco in MMA style armbar submission Gelistico couldn't do anything but to tap out. Shawn Vexx leaves the cage as heavyweight champion ending Gelistico year reign.
The loss of innocence after the insanity
4. Scot Summers vs Jack Jameson (From Innocence to Insanity) - billed as "most violent night" in wrestling this match pushed the envelope as these two fought in no rope barbwire match. While this match is no stranger to Summer this is Jameson first foray into it. He spent early part of the match get in mad mind of Summers using his ring mannerism. Then these two tease then lay and beat each other in this dangerous match as they gouge, cut, slam, and threw each other in barbwire. Summers wrapped himself in it splashing on Jameson with no regards. A chairs came into play as it gets wrapped in barbwire and used on each other. The match ended at insane level when Summers set the chairs on fire and death valley drivers Jameson onto for the win. After the match painful reminder for Jack Jameson as his innocence was lost on that night leaving scars on his back. Yet it made him stronger and insane seeking revenge on Scot Summers costing him his matches.
Good job! You done well, but I'm still the champ
3. Masada vs A.C.H. (Distrust, Dismay, and Antisocial Behavior) - two of Texas indy greats collide for second time ever in ACW. First time was in 2010 when Masada defeated young A.C.H. Cue four years now with heavily traveled and more experienced A.C.H. ready to wrestle heavyweight title from Masada. In contrast of style these two mesh well. A.C.H. goes to the air and Masada keeping him grounded. These two would trade chops, holds, submissions, and slams throughout the match. A.C.H. reliance on the air cost when he went for 450 only for Masada gets his knee up and pinned him to retain the title. The grizzled veteran still reign supreme over budding young star.
With this handshake we will steal the show
2. Gregory James vs Jason Silver (Distrust, Dismay, and Antisocial Behavior) - Silver coming out on his own as singles wrestler. After year and half away Gregory James returns to the fed transformed from "Too Much Metal" to "Unholy" While they fought in tag matches, I believe this is first time they tangled one-on-one. Once the match started everything clicked all together. They laid on each other matching move-for-move and beating-for-beating punishing each other. A well time kick to Silver made Unholy the winner in a show stealing performance. This match elevated these two as they were rewarded a title shot against Masada at Beyond Good and Evil.
The Prodigical reign begins
1. Barrett Brown vs Matthew Palmer (Peace, Love, and Anarchy) - for 826 days Matthew Palmer held Hardcore title fighting wrestlers such as Rachel Summerlyn, Arik Cannon, A.C.H., Jerry Lynn, Davey Vega, and Darin Childs. During his reign Barrett Brown enter the fed and slowly worked his way up where he became Texas Prodigy. Now its Brown turn as he face The Centerfold for hardcore title. These two put on straight-up wrestling match under "hardcore" rules. They took each other in the air and on the mat technical and power wise. These two punishing each other especially Palmer with a tiger driver only for Brown to barrage him with kicks then using his AND one of Palmer's finisher on him. After numerous false finishes Brown got Palmer down with a crossface submission making him tap ending one of longest title reigns and making of brand new one. It also add more to Brown's prodigy character. A small knock for lack of "hardcore" he interjected himself in a match against Masada and Scot Summers to show he is hardcore and won. When he lost the belt he immediately interject himself in a tournament to prove he is the prodigy. He knows being gifted in the ring he will have a target on his back for critics over small flaws. Best way to silence those critics is to tear down the house and prove why is the prodigy.

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