Monday, November 17, 2014

Interesting tidbits from Survivor Series

Survivor Series coming and always been a favorite event of mines. It's known Undertaker made his WWE/F debut in event. Also came out of the event is the awful Gobbedly Gooker, start of Bret and Owen Hart feud, Montreal screwjob, bait-and-switch which Big Show won WWE/F World Heavyweight title, and showering of "CM Punk" chants from Philadelphia crowd. There's some tidbits few or no one knew happened at the event. Here's a few:

Brutus Beefcake and Honky Tonk Man faced each in the opener for three straight years - in first three years of event Beefcake and HTM tangled in opening match with their respective teams. Beefcake come out on top being one of surviving wrestlers in 1989. HTM went 0-3 in surviving.

Last Hurrah for he Magnificent and the Wonderful - main event has Hulk Hogan team against Andre the Giant team. Two members of Hogan's team were Don Muraco and Paul Orndorff in the only PPV main event appearance. It's also their only Survivor Series appearance.

Hart Foundation does Demolition Decapitation and gets a two count while Demolition STILL in the match - this happened during tag team elimination match of Survivor Series 89. Jim Neidhart held a Conquistador in backbreaker position and Bret Hart came off the turnbuckle hitting him with elbow drop only garnering a two count. This was Demolition finisher and they were STILL in the match.

1988 Survivor Series only time they did co-captains

Hercules main evented Survivor Series twice - the late mighty Hercules was mid-card wrestler entire WWF tenure, but he made it to final match of Survivor Series not once, but twice. In 1988 where he was part of Hogan/Savage team and 1990 when he was part of Rick Martel team that won and got themselves in the final match.

Angelo Poffo ICW collides - for total of 23 seconds two old rivals from Poffo ICW collided as in Randy Savage and Ronnie Garvin. It was lopsided as Savage beat Garvin down entire time when they were in the ring together.

NWA sign - at Survivor Series 89, a fan few rows from the front held "NWA is Where It's At" sign during Hulk Hogan's team entrance.

Zeus is afraid of snakes - for Zeus nothing can harm him feeling no pain from punches, kicks, and bodyslams. When Jake Roberts threw the snake in the ring every member from Ted DiBiase team bailed including "Human Wrecking Machine" himself revealing his first (and only his only) weakness.

Powers of Pain gets eliminated for ignoring the 5 count - Powers of Pain hit spike piledriver on Hulk Hogan, but the referee counted to five and disqualified the team for not getting out of the ring within 5 count rule. It's possibly only tag team to get eliminated for ignoring that rule on a PPV.

While 1990 is the only time Survivor Series introduced Grand Finale these wrestlers can claim they main evented WWE/F PPV once: Tito Santana, Rick Martel, Paul Roma, and Warlord.

Speaking of Tito Santana he got revenge on Warlord eliminating him seconds into the match. Warlord beat Santana at Summerslam that year.

Anyone got more to add?

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