Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Trip to City Wide Garage Sale

Had a free Saturday and there was city-wide garage sale that happens on first weekend of the month at Palmer Event Center. Never been so I made a trip down there. Paid $6 to get in as vendors selling loads of stuff such as old toys, VHS and DVDs, guitars, vinyl records, clothing, and lawn/yard items. Browsed around going through vendor table after another.

Few interesting items like this abstract paining of naked woman.
Then there was this that wouldn't pass on the modern day.
There was this toy vendor with tub full of wrestling figures
Then there was another vendor I felt at home
Loads of unopen boxes, packs, and memorabilia. I went through this seller's table and picked up two boxes and dozen of packs for $17.

I also came home with these:
Never had Warrior and Batista figure so I picked them out of the tub. I got them for $5 altogether.

Had good time there. Hopefully I can get back there in few months.

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