Saturday, September 13, 2014

PSA on Cardboard Form

Nothing screams early 90s sport cards than PSA. It's not graded PSA cards I'm talking about. I'm talking about public service announcements. Few companies tackled it like Hoops did with 90-91 set with four cards featured on it.

We have Johnny Newman and Dell Curry of Charlotte Hornets making rounds of NBA Stay in School program.

Notice they mention about getting college education AND a degree. When mid-90s hit that part was abandoned when mass exodus of underclassmen college AND high school players were jumping in the draft hoping get chosen in the first round and get that big money. It got so bad NBA introduce "One and Done" rule which turn into bigger joke. Dell Curry son, Stephan, would leave after three years for the draft with promise of getting a degree.

Then there was Say No to Drugs PSA cards featuring Patrick Ewing and Isiah Thomas.

It's every PSA ad formula featuring sports athlete. Put all-star player and have them give a reason why say no to drugs. Hoops put two star players to do get the message. Other than Thomas accidental overdose on sleeping pills, both continue remain clean. Funny how it feature one of most popular and one of most hated figures in New York.
Nice to look back on use of PSA on cards. Not sure if it can be done today as any player featured on PSA will be heavily scrutinized through internet and social media.


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