Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Sellout Sam

Three-time Indycar champion Sam Hornish returning back to series this time behind the booth. Truth, I could careless if he returned back to driving Indycar. I can't help how much he's a sellout to NASCAR. If he returned back 3-5 years ago I would have welcome back in open arms. I used to be Sam Hornish fan. His drives reminded me one of my favorites Rick Mears. Methodically race the track and strike when it matters. He 2000 version of the ovalmeister. He was amazing on the ovals. He gave remaining Indycar fans hope during that time. Then he went NASCAR in 2007 and stayed there til since. There were times Indycar fans wanted him return especially when he didn't have a ride due to sponsorship woes. What did he do? Spend times in the sidelines and NASCAR garages hoping for another break. What hurt Indycar fans he said he rather be tester in NASCAR than having a ride in Indycar. It was enough to be label a sellout to Indycar fans as I wash my hands clean from this guy. Enjoy the booth, but don't expect me, this fan, to welcome Sam Hornish back to Indycar.

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