Friday, August 1, 2014

My Name is Vexx, V-to-the E-Double X

Shawn Vexx calling it a career
"Allow me to re-introduce myself my name is Vexx, V-to-the E-Double X. I enter the ring to the max. I throw down slams so I can be champ of A-C-W, Vexx." - lyrics changed from Jay-Z - My Name is Hov

After his match against Masada at ACW From Innocence to Insanity Shawn Vexx got on microphone calling it a career ending long journey of Infamous one in the rings of Anarchy.

Mainstay of ACW, Shawn Vexx is one of hardest working wrestlers giving it his all throwing down slams feuding and having wars with Darin Childs, A.C.H., Davey Vega, and Evan Gelistico. His entrance one of the best getting fans pumped up before his match. Throughout the way he battle through adversary in and out of the ring yet he popped back up ready to battle in the ring. Throughout it all he became a champion becoming two-time ACW heavyweight champion, a TV champion, and U-30 Young Guns champion.

Being a wrestling fan is a strange thing. Wrestlers do something horrible getting you invested to boo at them. Later they do something good getting you invested to cheer at them. Shawn Vexx manage get me to do that. I went from a guy that  had "Vexx Must Die" sign during his feud with Davey Vega to "Vexx Lives" sign at 2013 Lone Star Classic battling his way in the tournament. All of this in span of 10 months in between.

I remember the first time watching him for first time. It was 2011 Delusions of Our Childish Days (my first ACW show) and he turned heel at previous show after months of foreshadow. He took on Gregory James in the first match of the show and had decent bout. Later in the show he popped out destroying referee Donny Davis with a chair within few feet in front of me. I was hooked.

I spent 2012 booing him and getting invested in his feud with Davey Vega trying steal Athena from him. During this time he got best out of super fan name Tommy in very fun moment.

In 2013 cheering him on in a battle against Evan Gelistico culminating to first ever steel cage match in ACW history which he took ACW Heavyweight title away from him.

At the end Shawn Vexx enter the ring as a fighter and at the end left as survivor and a winner in front of the crowd. Thank you Shawn Vexx for giving the fans all you got in the ring. In honor of Vexx a familiar Jay-Z classic.

A champ in front of fan's eyes

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