Wednesday, May 7, 2014

This is Frowned Upon in Wrestling Drama - what gives?

A Facebook page tearing down indy wrestlers from wardrobe to conditioning to moments in the ring made a mention of this photo. What follow a long list of laughable comments calling it disgusting and how it should not be in the allowed the ring calling for this wrestler to be blackballed. I will get back on this later on.

The wrestler in picture is Texas-own J.C. Bravo. He teams up with fellow wrestler Stan "the Sinner" Summer calling themselves Lil' Crazy. Their gimmick consist of drinking, partying, and having a good time in craziest ways as possible. At last Anarchy Championship Wresting show (I was there) he got crazy during a match using a toy syringe to "shoot" himself up only to "pass out" and get pinned. Remember that.

Back to laughable comments they were outraged this was part of entertainment in the squared circle. Since they made this into big drama let me explain few things.

1) I mention when he shoot up and pass out he got pinned. There's a story behind this. Use drugs you lose. It tell fans "Say No to Drugs. Drugs are for losers." even in a very dark way.

2) family show schamily show. I been indy shows where its "family friendly" only have wrestlers and fans cuss and yell. The words "Fuck," "Shit," "You fucked up!," and "Holy shit!" chants still echo through these "family" wrestling shows.

3) this is entertainment. Fans enjoy not just in-ring actions but the comedy and storyline out of it. Sure its dark portrayal, but wrestling fans have seen much worse than this. Remember Fritz Von Erich and Ric Flair heart attack angle? How about Katie Vick where Triple H had sex with a dead body? I still remember clips of J.R. Benson ESW from 90s and aspects of XPW where they pushed the envelope. I could go on and on about this but you know what? Fans get a kick out of it and will still be there at next show yelling the wrestler "Don't Do It!" with a few signs mentioning drug rehab. Fans know its a show to entertain.

Final thing as this caused a big stink I can say controversy creates cash. Thanks to this Facebook page you gave J.C. Bravo his fame. Now promoters are knocking on his door.

J.C Bravo busted his ass hard around Texas indies especially around Austin (Anarchy Championship Wrestling and Inspire Pro Wrestling) working hurt everywhere he go. Despite the usual bumps and injuries he can still go. To all future promoters say hello J.C. Bravo and he will put on a show for you whether as a junkie or follower of the unholy. Also if you listen to any of these negative yahoos on not booking him you miss out big time.

Friday, May 2, 2014

Blast From the Past Made Me Pick This Up

I was down at Dollar Tree picking up few items. I checked the sport cards selection on what they offer. After looking through 5 card packs of baseball, football, basketball, a pack of 20 random cards caught my eye. Going through through the packs this card caught my eye:

Who and why? Justin Lehr is a player I watched in person in the minors playing for Oakland A's AA-affiliate Midland Rockhounds back in 2002. Great see these players work their way up to the majors and get official MLB card. Once I saw that card I knew I have purchase the pack. Lehr spent time up and down from AAA-club to the majors with his last appearance in 2009 with Cincinnati Reds. Last recorded stats was in 2012 playing in the Mexican Leagues.