Friday, December 27, 2013

Flip flop fail. Karma is a bitch Cracker Barrel

Call it karma. After working there for worst 6 months of my life dealing with their bullshit only get suspended over bullshit forcing me to quit. Earlier this week after media hacks blew up over remarks key guys for Duck Dynasty made the idiot morons at Cracker Barrel headquarters overreacted and decide to pull Duck Dynasty items off the shelf and disassociate themselves from Duck Dynasty. After getting wind of thousands of negative remarks for pulling it Cracker Barrel decide to flip flop and put the items back the next day. That move got them more deep shit from consumers leading boycotts and customers never ever stepping foot in their shitty restaurants ever again. Nice moves you fucking idiots! You, Cracker Barrel, shown how much giant hypocrites over this for this stupid flip flopping. Their policies are bullshit. Their restaurant are bullshit. Their store are bullshit. Their food are bullshit. The management definitely full of bullshit. Way a go Cracker Barrel, more like Fucker Barrel. Eat shit and may I wish your entire restaurant chain fail and close down!

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