Monday, January 7, 2013

Rebel's Top 5 Wrestling Events

Here I am with five wrestling shows of the year. It features shows I saw whether in-person or on TV. My five are:

5. ACW Evolution of Revolution 
When a show held outdoors and it rains you expect a cancellation. Not in land of Anarchy Championship Wrestling. Despite the pouring rain ACW put on a show. Yes you read that right. They did not cancel; they put on a show as scheduled in the rain storm. Every wrestler on that night's show went out, risked their necks and busted their asses hard on the wet mat giving the paying fans in attendance a show to remember about. I was there live, in awe and amazement watching these wrestlers put on a performance in the rain. On that rainy night I saw something special in the ring. This show lived up to the name in every way. Pick up the DVD (at their shows or at Smart Mark Video), sit back and watch the art and athleticism performed from each and every single wrestler in the ring on that wet night. It's an Evolution of a Revolution indeed.

Note: To Darin Childs and every single wrestler on the show of that night let me say thank you for giving fans amazing show and a wonderful time to cheer, boo, and talk about.

4. ACW Lone Star Classic 
Lone Star Classic is one of few annual tournaments Anarchy Championship Wrestling holds. This tournament features 12 wrestlers including heavyweight champion with the belt on the line throughout the tournament. That means whoever walk out as champion in the first round have to defend it in the semifinals and the same thing happens going into the finals. The heavyweight title could change hands two or three times at the show. First round matches are three-way while semifinals and finals are one-on-one match ups.

From top-to-bottom this amazing show with solid hard-hitting matches and surprises in the tournament. There were too many matches of the night that you can't pick one. One of the matches of the night is Matthew Palmer and Jason Silver in non-tournament match as they put on hell of a hardcore title match which TV got used. Another match of the night is Rachel Summerlyn and A.C.H. in the LSC semifinals. For Summerlyn she became Jerry Lynn's replacement after he bowed out due to injury he suffered in the first round. She just wrestled in three-way joshi match before intermission. Both showed their athleticism in the match as they matched up very well with Summerlyn taking the victory moving on to the finals. In the finals Summerlyn took on Evan Gelistico who became heavyweight champion in the semifinals. Before the match she brought a ladder to the ring symbolizing her rise in ACW. Both put on hellacious battle with all over the ring. At the end Summerlyn shocked the fans winning LSC tournament and heavyweight title after making Gelistico tap out then pinned him a minute later. A feel good moment for a solid show all-around.

The ending surprised the fans and it left hardcore Fanarchists thinking what was (if there was) original plan, but that's another story. When this DVD comes up pick it at their shows or at Smart Mark Video.

3. ACW Guilty By Association 6
Anarchy Championship Wrestling flagship show delivered and saw feuds and careers ended and started along with a rise to the ranks, a returned of "familiar face" and new champions emerging. This is show featured two of my match of year candidates as in Robert Evans/Portia Perez and Matthew Palmer/Masada along good war of matches around the card such as solid four-way between Scott Summers (champion), Davey Vega, Jerry Lynn, and Matt Fitchett for TV title, Rachel Summerlyn/Jessica James, and A.C.H./Gary Jay. It featured Takeover rise to dominance again, hated manager Chris Trew getting beat up most of the show, Angel Blue shocking win giving her monster heat when she appeared on shows, Barry Breeze retiring and proposing in the ring and J.T. LaMotta announcing 2012 is his final year of wrestling (LaMotta if you are reading this one more match please). If you want start watching ACW this is one of DVDs to pickup. You can pick this up at their shows or at Smart Mark Video.

2. WWE Extreme Rules
Remember in 2000 WWE followed up Wrestlemania with PPV that end up on par or even exceeding Wrestlemania itself? Similar thing happened here with Extreme Rules having to follow up Wrestlemania 28. The show produced two match of year candidates and solid card all around. Sheamus and Daniel Bryan follow up their 18 second Wrestlemania match with a longer and show stealing match in 2 out of 3 falls match. CM Punk/Chris Jericho and Randy Orton/Kane have impressive matches with each other. John Cena/Brock Lesnar stepped away from cookie-cutter WWE mold producing a different, but beatdown match where Brock destroyed Cena throughout the match with Cena luckily getting the win. Extreme Rules ended up on par with Wrestlemania 28.

1. WWE Wrestlemania 28
The show lived up Wrestlemania hype unlike the year before. The show had two aging legends going at it in a brutal war inside a cage, end of a year long hype build which they delivered, very short match that end up being best thing that happened to both wrestlers long term, a wrestler finally getting his singles win at the show, and very good match between two wrestlers despite playing second fiddle. What else more can I say about Hell in a Cell battle between Undertaker and Triple H other than its my match of the year? Rock/Cena delivered in the year long making of match. CM Punk/Chris Jericho put on a good match and so did Kane/Randy Orton. Big Show finally got a Wrestlemania singles win and it was for intercontinental title. Despite Sheamus/Daniel Bryan being 18 seconds little did it know it built a character and a catchphrase. After lackluster performance the following year, Wrestlemania 28 delivered and lived up the name as THE show to watch.