Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Match of the Week: Kintaro Kanemura vs Hayabusa (FMW 8/11/01)

Match of the Week: Kintaro Kanemura vs Hayabusa (FMW 8/11/01)
When I got into FMW I was introduce to the exploits of man with many first names in wrestling. He went through Ricky, W*ING, and Yukihiro before settling on Kintaro. What remains the same is his humor in the ring and putting his body through 25 years of hardcore wrestling style. He's calling it a career embarking on retirement tour with his last match scheduled in December. There so many highlights of his career some good, some bad, and few that might have ended his career. He survived and continue on being the unofficial king of Japanese indies. One of his highlights is his match against the late Hayabusa.

In FMW storyline, battle for ownership stakes on the line with Hayabusa putting up his 5% of his stock and WEW World title in 2-out-3 falls team matches on this show against the late Kodo Fuyuki team. On Hayabusa team is him, Tetsuhiro Kuroda, and Biomonster DNA while team Fuyuki consist of Mr. Gannosuke and Kanemura alongside with him. Series tied 1-1 with this being deciding match. In attendance of the show and commentary is Stuart Levy of US-based Tokyo Pop. He's part of the group trying win Hayabusa 5% to become majority owner of FMW.

Kanemura brawling style getting the best of Hayabusa outside the ring. Hayabusa goes on a rise countering Kanemura's offense and set ups putting him through a table with a frankensteiner Kanemura had set up. He dealt with interference from long tine rival Mr. Gannosuke and Mammoth Sasaki who chokeslammed him while warring factions fought outside the ring. End came when Hayabusa went for his trademark Stardust Press, but missed allowing Kanemura to hit three thunder fire bombs to the take WEW World title and Hayabusa 5% of the company making Tokyo Pop as majority owner and Yoshida as FMW president.

FMW would close six months later. Kanemura continued on throughout Japanese feds with shots at Zero One and Big Japan Wrestling and running shows under Apache Army name. He survived bad injuries and scandal that have threaten his career. His continued on til his body can't take no more. Outside the brawler is fun-loving goof who enjoys performing in the ring. Going to miss the guy and his Team No Respect dance.