Thursday, June 16, 2016

Match of the Week: CM Punk vs John Cena (WWE Money in the Bank 2011)

Match of the Week: CM Punk vs John Cena (WWE Money in the Bank 2011)
Five years ago, CM Punk gave the pipe bomb heard around the world thus kickstarting WWE version "Summer of Punk" storyline leading to this match against John Cena for WWE World Heavyweight title. Outside the ring Punk's contract was coming up and set to expire after Money in the Bank. There been talks of him not going to re-sign with WWE after the show. After he gave his infamous pipe bomb shoot promo he became most talked about wrestler with wrestlers, fans, and the media. With realism of his contract status up in the air gave main event of Money in the Bank huge buzz which was held in his hometown of Chicago. During the build he proclaim himself as "The Voice of the Voiceless." Vince McMahon threaten to fire John Cena if he does not beat Punk making it high stakes. Cena fighting for the company. Punk fighting for himself and the voices of the voiceless.

Big question mark is what's going to happen at the match. Will they straight up wrestle for clean finish? DQ finish? Be another screwjob finish? Bunch of crazy possibilities going into the match.

In the match these two put on 40 minute clinic trying out beat each other for the WWE World Heavyweight title. The loud rabid Chicago crowd fully backing their hometown guy and booing John Cena over each move they performed. The commentary was golden as they talk about possible impact if Punk wins. Vince McMahon sent John Laurenitis to screw CM Punk, but John Cena would not let it happen. Punk hits Cena with Go 2 Sleep for the win and WWE World Heavyweight title. Soon Vince sic Alberto del Rio on Punk only to eat a kick to the head. Punk escaped to the wild hometown crowd celebrating.

Behind the scenes Punk did re-sign with WWE on day of the show, but Summer of Punk storyline continued. He posted a picture of WWE World Heavyweight title in his fridge then crashing Wizard World panel that was hosted by Triple H. The angle and storyline fizzled out going into Summerslam. The months, June and July of 2011, produced one hell of entertaining RAW moment and great match at Money in the Bank.

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