Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Match of the Week: Ric Flair vs Sting (WCW Clash of Champions I)

Match of the Week: Ric Flair vs Sting (WCW Clash of Champions I)
The match that made Sting a main eventer. I remember watching this match when WCW showed it on WCW All Nighter in mid-90s. For those wondering WCW did special middle of night/early morning program called WCW All Nighter (or something to similar name) showing past WCW matches for several hours. I think they ran it twice.

WCW hosted Clash of Champions on same night of Wrestlemania 4 PPV and put the event free of charge to TV viewers on TBS. The match schedule with 45 minute time limit with three judges deciding the match if it went to time limit. Ric Flair was NWA World Heavyweight champion heading to the event. His manager J.J. Dillon locked up in the cage before the match as Sting goes for the big prize. For 45 minutes Sting proved he can main event. He fought like machine, bounced back like a machine, and battled his way like a machine against Flair with the crowd eating every moment of it. The match ended to judge's decision of a draw after time limit expired.

After the night a new hero born to the fans becoming face of World Championship Wrestling to the day it closed down. Along with it is his record of multiple WCW World Heavyweight championships along with runs with U.S. and tag team titles. He never jumped to WWE during Monday Night Wars even after it closed down. Took 14 years after WCW close down for him appear on WWE. He's now WWE Hall of Fame class of 2016.

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