Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Wrestling Match of the Week: A.C.H. vs JT LaMotta (ACW Lone Star Classic 2011)

Going have new entry about wrestling. It's called wrestling's match of the week. It will feature random matches of the past with either a clip or still shots from it.

This week match of the week is: A.C.H. vs J.T. LaMotta (ACW Lone Star Classic 2011)

The rise of A.C.H. in the indies started right here taking on J.T. LaMotta in finals of Lone Star Classic and for Heavyweight title. In ACW the titles are on the line in tournaments. LaMotta won the title in semifinals against Portia Perez whom she beat Darin Childs (champion going into the match) and Rachel Summerlyn in the first round. Soon the hottest talent from Texas branched out leading him to ROH.

In this year Lone Star Classic it will be ACH final match in his "home" fed ACW. The fans will miss him as he goes full time for ROH. Thank you A.C.H. for those matches in ACW and Inspire Pro. You will get homecoming when ROH tours down in Austin/San Antonio.

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