Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Sammy Basura

Best ever shithead in indy wrestling.
"You're trash!"  That's one of chants I hear from a fan who attends ACW and IPW shows. A chant reserved for dastardly heel wrestlers. That chant is reserve for wrestler who did something beyond stupidity outside the ring. His name Sammy Guevara or Sammy Basura (that's trash in spanish) I shall call him. Claiming to be "best ever" the guy has talent even you take away his backyard flips. But he also has attitude of cocky, self-absorbed idiot. The guy lived the gimmick because that is really him in real life. Everywhere he went he burned bridge after bridge with that attitude. The guy is Texas version of Teddy Hart.

One of his biggest burning moments happened months ago. Wrestling for San Antonio's based River City Wrestling he was given a platform to perform with a rocket pack strapped his back making of name of himself. How did he thank them? He shoot on them at IPW Clash at the Bash in middle of the ring catching RCW by surprise. Not only he burned that bridge on a fed that made him, but made IPW look bush league as RCW cut ties with them. At last IPW show Justin Bissonette gave him Flair/Carlito shoot talk in middle of the ring hoping it gets in his head. Apparently it never did.

Last week San Antonio's Aqua Man died. Around San Antonio he's well-loved for his charity contributions and being a strong fighter. Even my buddy from there Ed (not a wrestling fan) told me what he done down there and how he touched everyone's heart. Aqua Man was family to everyone in San Antonio including River City Wrestling. As friends and family offer condolences and memories of him Sammy Basura decide stir up drama with his post on Facebook.

Wrestling career suicide in 1..2..3..

This low blow post caused hurt to family, friends, and colleagues. It didn't take long for feds from entire state of Texas blackball him including feds from outside the state lines.

Sammy Guevara is truly basura. I don't care if he's playing character there's this line you don't cross and he crossed it in one biggest beyond idiot things to say. Like Teddy Hart the guy have talent in the ring, but found idiot ways to ruin his wrestling career.

Sammy Guevara wrestling career
I feel bad for IPW. Due to Sammy Basura actions they have broken relationship with RCW and forced to vacate J-crown title.

If there's a book on how and not conduct yourself in wrestling while starting out there's two names: Barrett Brown and Sammy Guevara. On how conduct yourself is Barrett Brown who taken his lumps, learned, be well-grounded, and respectful. On how not to conduct yourself is Sammy Guevara, a loudmouth punk burying and stabbing those in the back that helped him out.

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