Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Ultimate Warrior ruled

After almost two decades of animosity Ultimate Warrior and WWE are back together with him going to WWE Hall of Fame. About time they put it to rest. Truth I liked Ultimate Warrior. He was one of guys along with Hulk Hogan, Undertaker, Jake Roberts, and Earthquake I grew up watching. He stood out for energetic vibe he brought when he came in the ring and the crazy promos. With Hogan you have say your prayers and eat your vitamins shtick clamoring his Hulkamanics running wild. For Ultimate Warrior he was truly running wild going to the ring at full speed, shaking the ropes, and soaking in the energetic vibe from the fans. As a fan you could feel the energy flowing from the second his theme music played through the start and end of his match. At schools I went when I was a kid the ones that was watching wrestling liked Warrior more than Hogan. Who can anyone forget his promos? Today you might think its silly hear him rambling. But as a kid I enjoyed it. He brought intensity in his promos saying some wild out of the world things makes you think he might be smartest man alive. Chris Jericho said it best when it comes his promos. "I don't know what he said, but it sounded cool so yay!"   Looking back at his promos I can't help, but drawn in to it. So what his matches isn't up to par? Whenever Warrior is around expect energetic flow all over the place all the way from parts unknown. Ultimate Warrior ruled.

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