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2013 Top 10 Anarchy Championship Wrestling Matches

Anarchy Championship Wrestling saw a shift of change in 2013. An era ended and new one began with declaration of war. Despite the changes what remained the same are matches they put on the shows entertaining the fans in attendance. Matches that stick out for being awesome in the ring in form of ring work, crowd pleasing, storytelling, importance, or all above. Having been to every show at The Mohawk of this year I'm listing top 10 matches from ACW. Note I didn't attended Fun Fun Fun Fest shows so there be no matches from there listed. You think this is easy?

First the honorable mentions. Too many good ones to list:
Barrett Brown vs Gary Jay (An Absence of Law)
A.C.H. vs Ricky Starks (An Absence of Law)
Evan Gelistico vs Ricky Starks (Queen of Queens)
Matthew Palmer vs Davey Vega (Dismay, Distrust, and Anti-Social Behavior)
Paul London/Jack Jameson vs Evan Gelistico/Gary Jay (Lone Star Classic)

As for top 10 list:

Mess with us you will get beaten St. Louis style
10. Submission Squad vs Bolt Brady, Jason Silver, Ricky Starks, Jessica James (Delusions of Our Childish Days) - well booked match made Submission Squad looked strong as one unit after years of being opposite sides. It made sense their opponents consist of everyone except Jason Silver, who was replacement for Darin Childs, had run-ins with one of members of the group within the year. Everyone played their role well. SS being dastardly heels used every tag team trick in the book to get ahead. Despite SS working great together there is still weakness as in Pierre Abernathy getting manhandle by Jessica James. The faces bodyslamming Evan Gelistico for his dirty deeds he done to them. Jessica James and Jason Silver playing partner in peril. Ricky Starks desperately wanting get in the ring over the course of low blows and beat downs from SS. Everyone in this match clicked with strong storytelling and in-ring action. Submission Squad walked away with a victory sending a message to the back this St. Louis crew is not to be messed with. 

When they meant hardcore match they meant it
9. Matthew Palmer vs Shawn Vexx (From Innocence to Insanity) - when the crews removed the mat and apron exposing nothing but board you know you are about saw something special. These two fought for hardcore title in a board ring. Brutal match to witness as it screams pain giving it psychological feel. When either wrestler slammed and suplexed on the board its if you can feel the pain and hurt of landing on it. This match was a fight from beginning to end with Centerfold retaining hardcore title.

Let me put my feet on your back thank you very much.
8. Barrett Brown vs A.C.H. (From Innocence to Insanity) - while A.C.H. stands for attitude, charisma, and heart it could have more meanings. Meanings of attitude turns to arrogance, charisma leads to confidence then to cockiness, and heart becomes big headed. This what this match became when hero of Anarchy took on the young Chosen One. Like he did to Jeff Gant months ago, A.C.H. got arrogant and cocky pushing Barrett Brown to the extra limit. He gone far to prop his legs on back of Brown. Brown responded back trading kicks, chops, shots, slaps, and flying moves against him. Now its a fight at new level with a focus as they were evenly matched. So evenly matched both were kicking out at each other signature moves. It boils down whoever made last mistake will lose the match. It was veteran A.C.H. who made the last mistake when try for something big only to fall as Brown pulled off upset win. After the match A.C.H. gave his props and shook Brown hands this time as the loser. This match added a fork on the road. One road have A.C.H. and Killer feud over his choice of opponents as next wrestler to lead Anarchy. Second road had Carson showing up months claiming he was original next big guy at Anarchy to feud with Brown over being prodigy of Anarchy. Gotta love it when seeds are planted and it grows.

Good job Jeff! You done well.
7. A.C.H. vs Jeff Gant (Nothing is Real as a Dream) - this match is something you read in Apter magazines or saw in few movies such as Rocky. Story of top guy giving a young guy/underdog a chance to step up and have the guts make himself into potential main eventer. This match left me shocked. Shocked A.C.H. handpicked Jeff Gant, a referee turned wrestler fans hardly cared about, as his opponent. Shocked how good of a match mixed with psychology and storytelling. Throughout the match A.C.H. acted cocky, punking and taunting Gant encouraging him to man up. Gant fought back valiantly only to submit to Texas Cloverleaf at the end. Despite fans not being receptive its mission accomplished leading to few things. Jeff Gant saw his errors way and gives it his all in the ring improving slowly. This led to feud between A.C.H. and Killer Kash over A.C.H. choosing Gant as his opponent over Kash. In one match it made two wrestlers to watch for. This match could lead to more possibilities down the line if and when they choose the route with hint of foreshadowing.

Kyle Hawk emotional post match speech
6. Davey Vega vs Kyle Hawk (Queen of Queens) - a big send-off match for Kyle Hawk as he got called to duty in Afghanistan prior to the show. In possibly his final match he went all or nothing giving it all against the Ace of Anarchy. Despite Vega efforts keep him down and grounded Hawk kept fighting back like a soldier. Vega finally put him away when he made Hawk pass out to a submission hold. In one most memorable post match moments Kyle Hawk gave heartfelt speech and thanks to family, friends, fans, and everyone in the back. After he left the ring the entire crowd sang National Anthem. Thank you Kyle Hawk for your service to the country! Stay safe! Godspeed!

Athena and Barbi Hayden test each other
5. Barbi Hayden vs Athena (Queen of Queens) - while both faced each other before this one-on-one battle has the stakes much higher. Both are in semi-finals match of Queen of Queens tournament with the winner going to the finals. At same time involved is television title held by Athena, who happens to be winner of 2012 tournament, is on the line during the tournament. Winner of this match moves on to the finals with television title riding huge wave of momentum. Couldn't get more high stakes than that. The match is like a game of poker. Early on the match both try to out-wrestle and test each other early just like poker players trying read and psyche each other. They kicked in high gear betting chip after chip battling each other back and forth in and out of the ring move for move. As both put it all in to bet it was Barbi who came out the winner with two aces and three queens throwing Athena off the top as she tried go for O-Face and follows it with DDT to end the match. Barbi Hayden goes to the finals as new television champion and wave of momentum heading into it.

Scot Summers takes Jerry Lynn for wild ride through a board
4. Jerry Lynn vs Scot Summers (Guilty by Association 7) - In rematch from GBA2 Godfather of Anarchy tangled with forefather of Anarchy Mr. Showtime for one final time. Fans jam packed The Mohawk to witness retiring Jerry Lynn final ACW and Texas match of his storied career. Before the match crowd threw and showered Jerry Lynn with streamers in sign of respect. Both men went out in style delivering hard hitting wrestling action as a board, chair, ladder, and table came to play. A psychological factor of this match can Jerry Lynn body hold together as he get slammed on the ladder and gone through a board. After hard fought battle it concluded when Lynn made Summers tap to crossface. The large crowd, some crying, gave these two standing ovation as Jerry Lynn walked out his final ACW match the winner. Little did fans know this match ended an era of Anarchy and gave it one hell of final ride for one final time. After the match everything shockingly changed and new era arrived whether we like it or not. Like top of the website said, "Enjoy the ride."  I'm still on the ride. Thank you Jerry Lynn for years of memories in the ring!

I, Davey Vega, promise to be fair
3. Davey Vega vs A.C.H. (Beyond Good and Evil) - opponents being familiar and having in-ring chemistry down bring out the best each time. See these two as they blazed it again this time at The Mohawk. This time dynamics change instead friendly face vs face match its face vs tweener. A.C.H., the cool cocky hero, cheered on by the fans while Davey Vega, the tweener, getting mostly booed for his actions often showing heel side during past few shows. Before the match Davey Vega promise A.C.H. they would have fair match. As usual, both put on clinic in the ring this time Davey Vega showing his true colors getting frustrated as he couldn't pin A.C.H. A low blow follow with a cradle finally gives Vega the victory and one way ticket to heeldom.

2. Jimmy Jacobs vs Davey Vega (An Absence of Law) - first show of new era of Anarchy produced amazing main event between Jacobs and Vega. Jacobs arrived back at ACW in tune up match before meeting retiring J.T. LaMotta months down the road and got jumped by LaMotta before his match. This match added in storytelling of Jacobs, who is big indy star thinking Vega isn't on his level. Vega, being Ace of Anarchy, is more than prepare willing show Jacobs he can hang at his level. When Jacobs realized Vega is serious he got serious and kicked up a notch matching each other. Both had fans split with dueling chants and not knowing who's going come out on top. Jacobs finally prevailed with a win and getting jumped again by LaMotta setting up their final match few months later.

On this night we shall rumble all night long and to the death til one of us wins
1. Matthew Palmer vs A.C.H. (Guilty by Association 7) - absolute no-brainer. Those who witness this match knew this match can't be topped at all for rest of 2013 year. This started over simple fact both are one of best in Texas indies and not once a winner declared the both times they faced other ending in no contests. This blowoff match must have a winner and its for hardcore title held by Matthew Palmer. Before the match both agreed to straight up wrestling match rules instead hardcore match rules. These two put on classic trading each other move-for-move leaving fans on edge of their seat wondering who will get the pinfall. Palmer came up victorious, but the end the fans spoke as chants "Best in Texas!" echoed all over The Mohawk at both wrestlers.

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