Sunday, December 29, 2013

2013 Top 10 Anarchy Championship Wrestling Matches

Anarchy Championship Wrestling saw a shift of change in 2013. An era ended and new one began with declaration of war. Despite the changes what remained the same are matches they put on the shows entertaining the fans in attendance. Matches that stick out for being awesome in the ring in form of ring work, crowd pleasing, storytelling, importance, or all above. Having been to every show at The Mohawk of this year I'm listing top 10 matches from ACW. Note I didn't attended Fun Fun Fun Fest shows so there be no matches from there listed. You think this is easy?

First the honorable mentions. Too many good ones to list:
Barrett Brown vs Gary Jay (An Absence of Law)
A.C.H. vs Ricky Starks (An Absence of Law)
Evan Gelistico vs Ricky Starks (Queen of Queens)
Matthew Palmer vs Davey Vega (Dismay, Distrust, and Anti-Social Behavior)
Paul London/Jack Jameson vs Evan Gelistico/Gary Jay (Lone Star Classic)

As for top 10 list:

Mess with us you will get beaten St. Louis style
10. Submission Squad vs Bolt Brady, Jason Silver, Ricky Starks, Jessica James (Delusions of Our Childish Days) - well booked match made Submission Squad looked strong as one unit after years of being opposite sides. It made sense their opponents consist of everyone except Jason Silver, who was replacement for Darin Childs, had run-ins with one of members of the group within the year. Everyone played their role well. SS being dastardly heels used every tag team trick in the book to get ahead. Despite SS working great together there is still weakness as in Pierre Abernathy getting manhandle by Jessica James. The faces bodyslamming Evan Gelistico for his dirty deeds he done to them. Jessica James and Jason Silver playing partner in peril. Ricky Starks desperately wanting get in the ring over the course of low blows and beat downs from SS. Everyone in this match clicked with strong storytelling and in-ring action. Submission Squad walked away with a victory sending a message to the back this St. Louis crew is not to be messed with. 

When they meant hardcore match they meant it
9. Matthew Palmer vs Shawn Vexx (From Innocence to Insanity) - when the crews removed the mat and apron exposing nothing but board you know you are about saw something special. These two fought for hardcore title in a board ring. Brutal match to witness as it screams pain giving it psychological feel. When either wrestler slammed and suplexed on the board its if you can feel the pain and hurt of landing on it. This match was a fight from beginning to end with Centerfold retaining hardcore title.

Let me put my feet on your back thank you very much.
8. Barrett Brown vs A.C.H. (From Innocence to Insanity) - while A.C.H. stands for attitude, charisma, and heart it could have more meanings. Meanings of attitude turns to arrogance, charisma leads to confidence then to cockiness, and heart becomes big headed. This what this match became when hero of Anarchy took on the young Chosen One. Like he did to Jeff Gant months ago, A.C.H. got arrogant and cocky pushing Barrett Brown to the extra limit. He gone far to prop his legs on back of Brown. Brown responded back trading kicks, chops, shots, slaps, and flying moves against him. Now its a fight at new level with a focus as they were evenly matched. So evenly matched both were kicking out at each other signature moves. It boils down whoever made last mistake will lose the match. It was veteran A.C.H. who made the last mistake when try for something big only to fall as Brown pulled off upset win. After the match A.C.H. gave his props and shook Brown hands this time as the loser. This match added a fork on the road. One road have A.C.H. and Killer feud over his choice of opponents as next wrestler to lead Anarchy. Second road had Carson showing up months claiming he was original next big guy at Anarchy to feud with Brown over being prodigy of Anarchy. Gotta love it when seeds are planted and it grows.

Good job Jeff! You done well.
7. A.C.H. vs Jeff Gant (Nothing is Real as a Dream) - this match is something you read in Apter magazines or saw in few movies such as Rocky. Story of top guy giving a young guy/underdog a chance to step up and have the guts make himself into potential main eventer. This match left me shocked. Shocked A.C.H. handpicked Jeff Gant, a referee turned wrestler fans hardly cared about, as his opponent. Shocked how good of a match mixed with psychology and storytelling. Throughout the match A.C.H. acted cocky, punking and taunting Gant encouraging him to man up. Gant fought back valiantly only to submit to Texas Cloverleaf at the end. Despite fans not being receptive its mission accomplished leading to few things. Jeff Gant saw his errors way and gives it his all in the ring improving slowly. This led to feud between A.C.H. and Killer Kash over A.C.H. choosing Gant as his opponent over Kash. In one match it made two wrestlers to watch for. This match could lead to more possibilities down the line if and when they choose the route with hint of foreshadowing.

Kyle Hawk emotional post match speech
6. Davey Vega vs Kyle Hawk (Queen of Queens) - a big send-off match for Kyle Hawk as he got called to duty in Afghanistan prior to the show. In possibly his final match he went all or nothing giving it all against the Ace of Anarchy. Despite Vega efforts keep him down and grounded Hawk kept fighting back like a soldier. Vega finally put him away when he made Hawk pass out to a submission hold. In one most memorable post match moments Kyle Hawk gave heartfelt speech and thanks to family, friends, fans, and everyone in the back. After he left the ring the entire crowd sang National Anthem. Thank you Kyle Hawk for your service to the country! Stay safe! Godspeed!

Athena and Barbi Hayden test each other
5. Barbi Hayden vs Athena (Queen of Queens) - while both faced each other before this one-on-one battle has the stakes much higher. Both are in semi-finals match of Queen of Queens tournament with the winner going to the finals. At same time involved is television title held by Athena, who happens to be winner of 2012 tournament, is on the line during the tournament. Winner of this match moves on to the finals with television title riding huge wave of momentum. Couldn't get more high stakes than that. The match is like a game of poker. Early on the match both try to out-wrestle and test each other early just like poker players trying read and psyche each other. They kicked in high gear betting chip after chip battling each other back and forth in and out of the ring move for move. As both put it all in to bet it was Barbi who came out the winner with two aces and three queens throwing Athena off the top as she tried go for O-Face and follows it with DDT to end the match. Barbi Hayden goes to the finals as new television champion and wave of momentum heading into it.

Scot Summers takes Jerry Lynn for wild ride through a board
4. Jerry Lynn vs Scot Summers (Guilty by Association 7) - In rematch from GBA2 Godfather of Anarchy tangled with forefather of Anarchy Mr. Showtime for one final time. Fans jam packed The Mohawk to witness retiring Jerry Lynn final ACW and Texas match of his storied career. Before the match crowd threw and showered Jerry Lynn with streamers in sign of respect. Both men went out in style delivering hard hitting wrestling action as a board, chair, ladder, and table came to play. A psychological factor of this match can Jerry Lynn body hold together as he get slammed on the ladder and gone through a board. After hard fought battle it concluded when Lynn made Summers tap to crossface. The large crowd, some crying, gave these two standing ovation as Jerry Lynn walked out his final ACW match the winner. Little did fans know this match ended an era of Anarchy and gave it one hell of final ride for one final time. After the match everything shockingly changed and new era arrived whether we like it or not. Like top of the website said, "Enjoy the ride."  I'm still on the ride. Thank you Jerry Lynn for years of memories in the ring!

I, Davey Vega, promise to be fair
3. Davey Vega vs A.C.H. (Beyond Good and Evil) - opponents being familiar and having in-ring chemistry down bring out the best each time. See these two as they blazed it again this time at The Mohawk. This time dynamics change instead friendly face vs face match its face vs tweener. A.C.H., the cool cocky hero, cheered on by the fans while Davey Vega, the tweener, getting mostly booed for his actions often showing heel side during past few shows. Before the match Davey Vega promise A.C.H. they would have fair match. As usual, both put on clinic in the ring this time Davey Vega showing his true colors getting frustrated as he couldn't pin A.C.H. A low blow follow with a cradle finally gives Vega the victory and one way ticket to heeldom.

2. Jimmy Jacobs vs Davey Vega (An Absence of Law) - first show of new era of Anarchy produced amazing main event between Jacobs and Vega. Jacobs arrived back at ACW in tune up match before meeting retiring J.T. LaMotta months down the road and got jumped by LaMotta before his match. This match added in storytelling of Jacobs, who is big indy star thinking Vega isn't on his level. Vega, being Ace of Anarchy, is more than prepare willing show Jacobs he can hang at his level. When Jacobs realized Vega is serious he got serious and kicked up a notch matching each other. Both had fans split with dueling chants and not knowing who's going come out on top. Jacobs finally prevailed with a win and getting jumped again by LaMotta setting up their final match few months later.

On this night we shall rumble all night long and to the death til one of us wins
1. Matthew Palmer vs A.C.H. (Guilty by Association 7) - absolute no-brainer. Those who witness this match knew this match can't be topped at all for rest of 2013 year. This started over simple fact both are one of best in Texas indies and not once a winner declared the both times they faced other ending in no contests. This blowoff match must have a winner and its for hardcore title held by Matthew Palmer. Before the match both agreed to straight up wrestling match rules instead hardcore match rules. These two put on classic trading each other move-for-move leaving fans on edge of their seat wondering who will get the pinfall. Palmer came up victorious, but the end the fans spoke as chants "Best in Texas!" echoed all over The Mohawk at both wrestlers.

Friday, December 27, 2013

Flip flop fail. Karma is a bitch Cracker Barrel

Call it karma. After working there for worst 6 months of my life dealing with their bullshit only get suspended over bullshit forcing me to quit. Earlier this week after media hacks blew up over remarks key guys for Duck Dynasty made the idiot morons at Cracker Barrel headquarters overreacted and decide to pull Duck Dynasty items off the shelf and disassociate themselves from Duck Dynasty. After getting wind of thousands of negative remarks for pulling it Cracker Barrel decide to flip flop and put the items back the next day. That move got them more deep shit from consumers leading boycotts and customers never ever stepping foot in their shitty restaurants ever again. Nice moves you fucking idiots! You, Cracker Barrel, shown how much giant hypocrites over this for this stupid flip flopping. Their policies are bullshit. Their restaurant are bullshit. Their store are bullshit. Their food are bullshit. The management definitely full of bullshit. Way a go Cracker Barrel, more like Fucker Barrel. Eat shit and may I wish your entire restaurant chain fail and close down!

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Top Prospects from 15 Years Ago

Was going through old minor league programs and found these interesting gems. The program was 1998 Midland Angels team who was at the time LAA Angels Double-A affiliate. They previewed teams of Texas League with small profile of club affiliate no. 1 prospect. The teams and affiliates at the time were this:

Midland Angels = LAA Angels
El Paso Diablos =  Milwaukee Brewers
San Antonio Missions = LA Dodgers
Jackson Generals = Houston Astros
Arkansas Travelers = St. Louis Cardinals
Shreveport Captains = SF Giants
Tulsa Drillers = Texas Rangers
Wichita Wranglers = KC Royals

The top prospects featured:

Eli Marerro - bounced back from cancer scare playing 10 years in majors. Spent 1997-2003 with Cardinals. He bounced through various teams in 2004-2006. Came full circle playing for Cardinals Triple-A team in 2007 his final year of playing. Currently manager of Reds Single-A affiliate team.

Valerio de los Santos -  spent 9 years in the majors with little success in journeyman career as he was turned from starter to reliever. Forever known as the pitcher who beaned Adam Greenberg in his first MLB at-bat.

Richard Hidalgo - had up and down career as he would have one good year then one off year like a see-saw. Had monster 2000 season with 44 homeruns, 122 RBIs, and .314 batting average looking like an All-Star.  He follow it up with 19 HR, 80 RBI, and batting .275 in 2001 with another low in 2002. Bounced back up in 2003 with 28 HR, 88 RBI, and batting .309. Astros cut their loss sending to the Mets in 2004. He played for Rangers in 2005, his last year in the majors. He made a comeback in 2008 and 2009.

Paul Konerko - 17 years in the league and still going strong with 6 All-Star selections. This turned out one of bad trades for TWO teams. In 1997 Dodgers shipped him along with Dennys Reyes to Cincinnati Reds for Jeff Shaw. In the offseason Reds traded him to Chicago White Sox for Mike Cameron. He found a home as member of White Sox becoming All-Star caliber player helping team break a drought winning World Series in 2005. Could 2013 be his final season?

Dante Powell - flamed out playing total of 70 games in 4 years. Last played in 2002.
Ruben Mateo - 6 year journeyman career last playing the majors in 2004. Made a return in 2007 playing minor league ball til 2009. Made another comeback last year in Mexican League.

Mike Sweeney - Played 16 seasons and four teams becoming five-time All-Star. All his All-Star selections came as member of the Royals.

As for Angels top prospect?
He became four-time All-Star and MVP of 2002 World Series. Seven of the players on top 10 went to the majors. Norm Hutchins who never made it last played in 2012.

For changes:
- Jackson Generals became Round Rock Express. Express later became Triple-A team (after buying Edmonton team) and Corpus Christi Hooks took its place. Still Astros affiliate to this day. This Generals team was located in Mississippi, not the current incarnation in Tennessee.

- Shreveport Captains changed their names to Swamp Dragons then relocated becoming Frisco Roughriders who are now Rangers Double-A affiliate. They went back to Captains name being independent team before getting sold in 2011 and moving to Laredo.

- El Paso Diablos became Arizona Diamondbacks affiliate and played til 2004 as it got sold and moved to Springfield, Missouri becoming Springfield Cardinals, a Cardinals affiliate. Diablos soldiered on with another team playing independent ball til this year. Next year El Paso gets a Triple-A team.

- Wichita Wranglers still Royal affiliate to this day, but relocated to Springdale, Arkansas calling themselves Northwest Arkansas Naturals. Wichita got independent team now called Wingnuts.

- Arkansas Travelers became Angels affiliate.

- San Antonio Missions changed affiliates to Mariners then Padres who now their current affiliate.

- Midland became A's affiliate the following year changing the name to Rockhounds.

- Tulsa Drillers changed affiliates to Rockies.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Who's running NASCAR YouTube channel?

These are screenshots from few days ago on NASCAR YouTube site.

The reason I subbed NASCAR YouTube channel is I want highlights, not just crashes only. Seems like the only way draw "new" fans is to promote shock value of crashes only.

  What's with use of exclamation points? Another lame attempt to garner more views?

Then there's this:

For a driver that been around for over a decade you expected them to get the name right. Wrong. They completely misspelled it very badly with viewers posting comments about the misspelling than the video itself.

Few days passed they have completely got rid of exclamation points on their titles and corrected spelling on Johnny Sauter.

It's NASCAR. It's been run by idiots for past few years.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Ayrton Senna

May 1.... its not just May Day. To auto racing fans May 1 will bring memories.... dark memories at race track in Imola.... the day a king perished in a wreck that is forever known Black Weekend at Imola. On May 1, 1994 3-time Formula 1 World Champion Ayrton Senna died from massive head injuries when he went off and crashed going into Tamburillo corner. An era ended on that day as new era of Formula 1 started the next day.

Ayrton Senna was more than one of the greats in a race car. He became God-like with mastery drives on road/street courses whether the track is dry or rain slicked. His impressive control of a car made a car "dance" through the straights and corner. He made race cars that were built like a dog turned into competitive rides. It was like watching artist creating masterpiece on canvas as he did on the track. His fearless intense balls to the wall drives created rivalries with Alain Prost and Nigel Mansell. He, along with the two, help ushered in exciting era of Formula 1 in the late 80s to early 90s which help skyrocket the popularity of Formula 1 throughout the world ushering in new fans and big money. His finest drives came in streets of Monaco as he won 6 times. Could have won 7 in 1984 if the race didn't stop for rain and he was pressing hard on Alain Prost when he was driving for Toleman. Speaking of the rain fans notice his mastery on the rain slick tracks. His drive in Donnington track in 1993 is widely consider one of top 3 drives in Formula 1 history as he won nearly lapping entire field on the wet track. His legendary achievements on the track earned him 41 wins and 3 Formula 1 championships. Whether fans loved or hated him they respected him. The fans knew he was just not the best but one of kind talented driver.
I knew where I was when he had fatal crash. I was still in bed sleeping. When I woke I caught NASCAR race on ESPN. An update announced he was killed. I refused to believe it. It was minutes later the announcers mentioned his death on the air. I was in crushed state of shocked. Legends aren't suppose die. They have this God-like aura around them. As a race fan, innocence died for me and I was introduced cruel side of reality in racing. Ever since the day safety improvements made on cars and tracks. There hasn't been a death in Formula 1 racing since.

I never felt the same way Senna died til.... the day Dale Earnhardt died.

Rest in Peace Ayrton Senna

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Random Autograph Card: Carlos Corporan

My featured autograph card is Astros catcher Carlos Corporan. He had career game against hated New York Yankees going 4-5 with a homerun, 4 RBIs, and double just a triple shy of a cycle. A good defensive player while low on batting side he will surprise you, at times, with impressive game using his bat. You just don't know til it happens. One of Astros games I attended he went 2-3 with a RBI against San Francisco Giants. Astros shut out then-champions Giants 6-0 thanks part of his contribution along being behind the plate catching strikes from Wandy Rodriguez. This is second straight game he caught for starter Lucas Harrell and both games were quality starts. The guy has been down the road of majors and AAA ball and sitting on the bench being the no. 2 catcher. When given opportunity to start on the lineup he will scrap his way to produce a spark for the team. That's why he's one of my favorites in the game. Forget stats as long a player performs their hardest in the game in offense, defense, or both. The card got signed last year when he was at AAA club Oklahoma City.

Also obtain is his game-used jersey I picked up Astros game last year. Glad to find one. Go Astros!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Randon Autograph Card: Chris Davis

Week and half into the season Orioles' Chris Davis on rampaging tear. In 7 games he bashed 4 homeruns and driven in 17 runs while batting above .400 earning him AL player of the week.  This is nothing new as he been crushing homers since started in the minors. It was different story in the majors when he go for broke swinging at the fences, Rob Deer and Gorman Thomas style, but found himself leaving the batter box with a K. He was on the fringe with the label of "AAAA" hanging above his head being stuck between Rangers and their AAA club. Then came the trade at 2011 trade deadline. Rangers wanted reliever Koji Uehrara from the Orioles offering pitchers Tommy Hunter. Orioles willing complete trade if they send Davis as part of the package. Reluctantly, Rangers agreed and in a three-way deal involving Pirates Davis goes to Baltimore. It's what he needed. A fresh new start after four years crushing balls in Rangers organization, but fallen out of favor when Mitch Moreland took over his starting 1B spot. Now with Orioles he can shed away "AAAA" tag and be regular starter for down and out Orioles team. Orioles got more than they bargained. In his first full season with Orioles he broke with 33 homeruns and 85 runs batted in becoming a contributor to the team's surprise run of AL East crown and in the playoffs. Now in his second season with the team he's already off to fast start. Orioles won out big in the trade as they got a player with a heavy bat. Koji Uehrara never became a factor in the Rangers organization and left for free agency after end of last season.

I got this card signed in 2007 when he was playing for Rangers Double-A club. The fans who saw him crush balls at minor league parks expected big things from him. After so many jump starts and stalls he finally living it up.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Random Autograph Card: Rick Ankiel

First regular MLB game of 2013 season in the record books. Rick Ankiel, now playing for Houston Astros, made a good impression. In pinch-hit performance he hits first homerun of 2013 MLB season with a 3-run shot off Derek Lowe putting the game out of reach for Texas Rangers as Astros went up 7-2. Astros went on to win 8-2.
I got this card signed in 2005 when he was playing for St. Louis Cardinals Double-A affiliate. At the time he was making transition from pitcher to batter. Ten years in the league and still going.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Random Autograph Card: Quintin Berry

Quintin Berry featured as my random autograph card. After seven years of toiling in the minors he finally got the call last year with Detroit Tigers two months into the season. The speedy outfielder made impression with the team as he stayed on the roster as the team made it to the postseason and into World Series losing to the champs San Francisco Giants.

Quintin Berry became one of cuts of Tigers in spring training as he gets sent down to Triple -A club missing opening day opportunity. He will be back up soon hopefully.

I got the card signed when he was playing for Padres Double-A club.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Random autograph card: Cesar Carrillo

While digging through a pile of autograph cards I obtained in person I ran into this one.

Cesar Carrillo been in the news last week as the league suspended him 100 games for violating minor league drug and prevention program. He's the first player from Biogenesis documents to be suspended which includes the names of Ryan Braun and Nelson Cruz.

I obtained this few years ago when he was playing for Padres Double-A affiliate San Antonio Missions.

Friday, March 1, 2013

Why Some Fans Like Heels

Wrestling is interesting concept to the fans. There are faces (good guys) you must cheer and heels (bad guys) you must boo. For few fans they rather cheer on for the heels. The love em' not because they are "bad and evil."  They cheer em' on because for plenty of reasons. Several reasons why some fans like heels.


My first favorite wrestling "bad guy" is Earthquake John Tenta. I took a liking to him because of his huge wide frame using his size and body squash his opponent. The kicker is his finisher where he run to the ropes in full speed before he sat down in full force on his opponent chest and face. Being 10 at the time I thought it was coolest thing ever. A wrestler's size gives off a buzz to the fans. Whether the wrestler is big, wide, or tall to fans' mind they think this wrestler is big, strong, nasty and very dangerous capable of taking down any of their wrestling heroes anytime. To heel fans they like to see this large heel become a menace of seeking and destroying anyone. This works as long the is being booked right. Example is The Great Kahli who was big time heel before becoming a joke on TV. When I went to WWE house show Kahli debut on TV obliterating Undertaker two days before the show. The buzz of him followed as fans in attendance talking how large and tall Kahli and his manhandling of Undertaker. He appeared on the house show and its a sight behold. The crowd, while booing, amazed at his tall frame and squashing Scotty 2 Hotty in under a minute. Kahli, despite being heavily limited, looked very dangerous to the fans and was booked to look like a monster heel for few years. Now he got neutered of being a face he turned into a giant joke.

I Tell the Truth Even When I Lie

I have use "Scarface" quote for this. It's a case a wrestler go against the grain off majority with him/her being a minority. This is when a heel wrestler cut a promo/vignette spouting off related events playing devil's advocate stretching the facts to make a point. Unfortunately what the heel saying does not commute what the majority believed in thus having the fans boo him/her. For the heel fans they would sit down and think hard seeing his point of view. In most cases the heel is likely right. One example of this is JBL promo against Eddie Guerrero as he blast the liberal media and ties it on his dislike to Eddie and what he plans do to him at Great American Bash.

I'm Cocky, But Cool

The rise of "cool" heels. They are big time jerks in the ring and backstage being cocky and assholes. At same time fans can reflect to them because they can and are assholes themselves wanting to act bad like them. The fans view them as guys you can go out and have a beer. In almost all the cases the fans turned them to faces. Example of those are New World Order and D-Generation X.

Kicking Ass And Taking Names

Heel wrestler would go in and just beat the shit out of face often for no reason. Fans would cheer on the heel wrestler on doing this because he/she acting like a badass and backing it up. The more the heel does it the more fans take notice suddenly garner cult-like following before turning to full-blown face by accident. Sheamus is example of it.


This is a case of wrestler playing heel, but end up getting cheered because the fans enjoy the wrestler putting on a clinic and/or producing a damn good match. No matter how bad the wrestler will act like a bad guy the fans go nuts cheering for him/her just as thank you for the impressive match. 

In wrestling cheering on a "bad guy" not really that bad after all.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Rebel's Top 5 Wrestling Events

Here I am with five wrestling shows of the year. It features shows I saw whether in-person or on TV. My five are:

5. ACW Evolution of Revolution 
When a show held outdoors and it rains you expect a cancellation. Not in land of Anarchy Championship Wrestling. Despite the pouring rain ACW put on a show. Yes you read that right. They did not cancel; they put on a show as scheduled in the rain storm. Every wrestler on that night's show went out, risked their necks and busted their asses hard on the wet mat giving the paying fans in attendance a show to remember about. I was there live, in awe and amazement watching these wrestlers put on a performance in the rain. On that rainy night I saw something special in the ring. This show lived up to the name in every way. Pick up the DVD (at their shows or at Smart Mark Video), sit back and watch the art and athleticism performed from each and every single wrestler in the ring on that wet night. It's an Evolution of a Revolution indeed.

Note: To Darin Childs and every single wrestler on the show of that night let me say thank you for giving fans amazing show and a wonderful time to cheer, boo, and talk about.

4. ACW Lone Star Classic 
Lone Star Classic is one of few annual tournaments Anarchy Championship Wrestling holds. This tournament features 12 wrestlers including heavyweight champion with the belt on the line throughout the tournament. That means whoever walk out as champion in the first round have to defend it in the semifinals and the same thing happens going into the finals. The heavyweight title could change hands two or three times at the show. First round matches are three-way while semifinals and finals are one-on-one match ups.

From top-to-bottom this amazing show with solid hard-hitting matches and surprises in the tournament. There were too many matches of the night that you can't pick one. One of the matches of the night is Matthew Palmer and Jason Silver in non-tournament match as they put on hell of a hardcore title match which TV got used. Another match of the night is Rachel Summerlyn and A.C.H. in the LSC semifinals. For Summerlyn she became Jerry Lynn's replacement after he bowed out due to injury he suffered in the first round. She just wrestled in three-way joshi match before intermission. Both showed their athleticism in the match as they matched up very well with Summerlyn taking the victory moving on to the finals. In the finals Summerlyn took on Evan Gelistico who became heavyweight champion in the semifinals. Before the match she brought a ladder to the ring symbolizing her rise in ACW. Both put on hellacious battle with all over the ring. At the end Summerlyn shocked the fans winning LSC tournament and heavyweight title after making Gelistico tap out then pinned him a minute later. A feel good moment for a solid show all-around.

The ending surprised the fans and it left hardcore Fanarchists thinking what was (if there was) original plan, but that's another story. When this DVD comes up pick it at their shows or at Smart Mark Video.

3. ACW Guilty By Association 6
Anarchy Championship Wrestling flagship show delivered and saw feuds and careers ended and started along with a rise to the ranks, a returned of "familiar face" and new champions emerging. This is show featured two of my match of year candidates as in Robert Evans/Portia Perez and Matthew Palmer/Masada along good war of matches around the card such as solid four-way between Scott Summers (champion), Davey Vega, Jerry Lynn, and Matt Fitchett for TV title, Rachel Summerlyn/Jessica James, and A.C.H./Gary Jay. It featured Takeover rise to dominance again, hated manager Chris Trew getting beat up most of the show, Angel Blue shocking win giving her monster heat when she appeared on shows, Barry Breeze retiring and proposing in the ring and J.T. LaMotta announcing 2012 is his final year of wrestling (LaMotta if you are reading this one more match please). If you want start watching ACW this is one of DVDs to pickup. You can pick this up at their shows or at Smart Mark Video.

2. WWE Extreme Rules
Remember in 2000 WWE followed up Wrestlemania with PPV that end up on par or even exceeding Wrestlemania itself? Similar thing happened here with Extreme Rules having to follow up Wrestlemania 28. The show produced two match of year candidates and solid card all around. Sheamus and Daniel Bryan follow up their 18 second Wrestlemania match with a longer and show stealing match in 2 out of 3 falls match. CM Punk/Chris Jericho and Randy Orton/Kane have impressive matches with each other. John Cena/Brock Lesnar stepped away from cookie-cutter WWE mold producing a different, but beatdown match where Brock destroyed Cena throughout the match with Cena luckily getting the win. Extreme Rules ended up on par with Wrestlemania 28.

1. WWE Wrestlemania 28
The show lived up Wrestlemania hype unlike the year before. The show had two aging legends going at it in a brutal war inside a cage, end of a year long hype build which they delivered, very short match that end up being best thing that happened to both wrestlers long term, a wrestler finally getting his singles win at the show, and very good match between two wrestlers despite playing second fiddle. What else more can I say about Hell in a Cell battle between Undertaker and Triple H other than its my match of the year? Rock/Cena delivered in the year long making of match. CM Punk/Chris Jericho put on a good match and so did Kane/Randy Orton. Big Show finally got a Wrestlemania singles win and it was for intercontinental title. Despite Sheamus/Daniel Bryan being 18 seconds little did it know it built a character and a catchphrase. After lackluster performance the following year, Wrestlemania 28 delivered and lived up the name as THE show to watch.