Monday, December 31, 2012

Rebel's Top 10 Wrestling Matches of the Year - Part 2 (1-5)

This is part 2 of my 2012 Top 10 wrestling matches of the year. They are based on matches and shows I saw throughout the year. You can part 1 here. This list ranked no. 1-5.

 5. John Cena vs Brock Lesnar - WWE Extreme Rules

This match is far different than the cookie-cutter matches WWE puts out. The entire match had a big time fight club feel with a cocky Brock overpowering and completely destroying over-confident Cena most of the match. At the end over-confidence prevails over cockiness. I haven't questioned the finish.

4. Robert Evans vs Portia Perez - ACW Guilty By Association 6 (Grudge Match)
This match filled emotional hatred and it showed throughout the battle. Short story of a year long build Robert Evans confessed his love to Portia Perez and she responded with a superkick splitting up the team. While Evans gone marching, Portia terrorize ACW til fall of 2011 when Evans came marching back costing her matches. After Evans first match in ACW in almost year Perez return the favor back superkicking him and issuing a grudge match challenge at Guilty by Association 6. What a match they produce. Before the match I could feel the hate between these two as Evans stared down at Perez. Once the bell rang they fought, battle, brutalize each other all over the ring trying to break each other will for almost 30 minutes. After the brutal hard-fought battle Evans came out on top in one of best emotionally invested hatred of a match....and its not the end to this saga yet.

3. Sheamus vs Daniel Bryan - WWE Extreme Rules (2 out of 3 falls match)

After 18 second match at Wrestlemania 28 these two got another go this time at Extreme Rules in a 2 out of 3 falls match.This time crowd nearly split based from aftermath of their Wrestlemania match. They were for happy-go-lucky tough guy Sheamus because he's the good guy to sympathetic Daniel Bryan who felt got cheated out of his moment.This should have been their long Wrestlemania match, these two put on amazing performance as they traded falls before Sheamus came out on top.

2. CM Punk vs Daniel Bryan - WWE Over the Limit

 This match has classic written all over way before their PPV encounter. Both battle to two non-finish matches on RAW which they tore down the house each time. Their third battle took place at Over the Limit this time for WWE World Title. They gave fans another masterpiece this time for near 30 minutes with a finish. They were times you thought either man would win. At the end CM Punk took victory and kept his belt.

 1. Undertaker vs Triple H - Wrestlemania 28 (Hell in the Cell)

My 2012 match of the year. One hell of a battle in this hard-hitting slugfest between two legends with a third legend involved in this match. I watched this live at friend's place and on edge our feet each moment, each move, each pin. There were times when you thought Undertaker streak would end throughout the shear brutality inside the Cell. Undertaker prevailed again pinning Triple H. This match far exceeded their Wrestlemania 17 and 27 matches. The post match of Undertaker, Triple H, and Shawn Michaels embracing in the ring and on stage gave a good lasting image. Dubbed "End of Era" they gave the fans are memorable last hurrah.

Friday, December 28, 2012

Rebel's Top 10 Wrestling Matches of 2012 - Part 1 (5-10)

 Almost end of the year and I saw doses of wrestling in-person and on DVD. There were plenty of good, average, and bad matches and shows.There are selected few the leave you more than enjoyed. I'm giving you my top 10 wrestling matches of the year. These are match I seen personally of this year. If I haven't watched it its not going be on the list. That means PPVs, DVDs, and shows I missed or haven't seen despite the praised it got like PWG or A.C.H./Davey Vega match. Here is my list:

10. Big Show vs Sheamus - WWE Hell in the Cell

Raise your hand if you were looking forward to the match on a PPV. If your hand still raised you must be a big Sheamus/Big Show fan or just lying to yourself. It's one of those matches that look ok on paper, but turned out quite good live in-person. In a surprise these two have good in-ring chemistry producing barnburner of a match with Big Show taking the belt away from Sheamus. Lesson learned is never let looks fool you on a match.

9. Jun Kasai vs Masada - Freedoms 8/12 (Pain Limit finals)

These are two familiar with each other. In this match both fought each other at finals of Pain Limit tournament featuring no mats, panes of glass, and gusset plate board. They brutalized each other with one insane spot after another with Jun Kasai taking victory and winning the tournament. My mouth was literally dropping throughout the match.

 8. Matthew Palmer vs Masada - ACW Guilty By Association 6 (Scaffold Match)

Masada on the list again this time at Anarchy Championship Wrestling taking on Matthew Palmer in a scaffold match for ACW Hardcore title. I was in-person to watch the carnage unfold. Highly underrated Matthew Palmer was in his "Son of Anarchy" phase throughout 2011 after winning ACW Heavyweight title. After losing it he targeted Masada who is reigning hardcore champ at the time. The match started on top of the scaffold with chairs being used and Masada using skewers on Palmer before tossing him off to the ring. The brutality continue in and outside the ring with Palmer taking a beating. Palmer fought back against Masada with both going up and fighting on top of the scaffold once again. This time Palmer got the best of Masada sending off the scaffold and down to the mat of chairs. He revealed his "Centerfold" tights and hits Centerfold Splash from top of the scaffold ending Masada two-year reign as ACW Hardcore champion. I seen hundreds of hardcore style matches, but this is first I saw in person. It left me lasting impression on both Palmer and Masada as both busted and nearly killed each other throughout the match in jaw-dropping insane way.

7. Rachel Summerlyn vs Jazz - ACW Queens of Queens

Anarchy Championship Wrestling has their annual women tournament called Queens of Queens. In the first round strong-style Rachel Summerlyn took on former WWE Women champion Jazz. In the match both of these women trade each hold for hold and move for move with Summerlyn coming on top in possibly the best women match within past few years. This was just first round of the tournament.

6. Rock vs John Cena - Wrestlemania 28

A year in the making this is a dream match lived up to its billing.  Both of these guys put on entertaining match with the crowd helped the match pumping up to big time feel. The ending left me surprised with Rock coming on top of Cena. Looks like on a verge of getting Cena vs Rock part 2.

Part 2 coming up with matches 1-5. Stay tuned.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Let the Rantings Begin

Welcome to my blog. This is Rebel Coyote and I will rant and ramble on random stuff. It will most likely on baseball, auto racing, wrestling, or whatever that perks my interest. So sit down while I go on and on on random life like I always have.